December Gems

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I love this time of year for all the typical reasons, but this year, I am especially excited because  my very favorite jewelry that we have offered ALL YEAR is coming up in the next 30 days! If you love the luxury of Rubies and Sapphires like I do,  tune in on December 2nd. It is our Fine Jewelry Gifts Event. Remember when shopping for gifts in jewelry you are always pretty safe with a pair of earrings since you don’t need to know what ring size she wears.
I’m actually a bit conflicted about it because while I am a big gift giver, I am so buying the Today’s Special on December 2nd  especially the ring that goes with it. Every day that I would walk by Sandy, our Gem Buyer’s office, I would say hi and try on the ring. I have been looking on to see if it is available yet a couple of times a week. I just checked again and it finally is available! I just placed my order! I have a wedding anniversary coming up in a few days so I am justifying it quite nicely. I can’t wait to order the matching pieces on the 2nd.
They say you never forget your first love. When it comes to gemstones, mine was Ruby. We are still in a committed relationship. One of my wedding bands is Ruby. Whenever I look at it, the color and the sentiment make me happy. That is what jewelry should do. I hope your jewelry makes you happy. You don’t need to wait to have anyone give you fine jewelry. You can do it yourself and really should. It also makes one of the best gifts, because so many of us struggle with the conflicting messages we have about taking care of our families and all that important stuff. Once in a while though, you’ve got to put yourself on the top of the list.  My mom taught me that and her mother taught her the same thing. They were so right. It feels more like an investment than an extravagance. The payoff is there.
The collection of Fine Jewelry we have in store for you is unrivaled on December 2nd. I have nicknamed it the royal collection. It really reminds me of the Queen’s jewels or those of a Mogul dynasty. My husband had a the list of item numbers  for under our Christmas tree, but I just helped him out and ordered exactly what I wanted for Christmas and our wedding anniversary. I’m feeling pretty efficient actually. I will have exactly what I want and he will be the hero. It is win/win.
Tell me what are you looking forward to this holiday season? I am looking forward to a family graduation, my anniversary, Christmas (of course) seeing the holiday decorations. Taking tons of photos and keeping it simple while still being in Santa Sarna mode. That was my Dad’s nickname at the holidays :).  I am also looking forward to working with Carol Brodie, Anthony Polercio and having Victoria Wieck and Jean Dousset around HSN for December.
It has just been confirmed that Carol will be in my show at 1pm on the 2nd. She won’t be listed in the HSN program guide as it was a last minute development. I am so excited. She is so fashionable and in the know. She is even prettier in person than on tv! If you read her blogs here on you will see all the press she gets and why. Very cool!

One of my favorite rings from Carol will be highlighted in our show together. It is the Rarities Amethyst Drusy Agate Ring at under $30.00. The reviews on this ring are fabulous.

I came across a photo from my last trip to the Tucson Gem Show that is perfect to show with this ring! Now that is a big Amethyst!

I am writing this as I wrap up a big Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I am thankful for you. Love, Peace and Prosperity to you and yours – all through the holiday season, 2010 and beyond!

Thank you for being such an important part of my life,
P.S. Do leave me a comment and tell me what you are looking forward to this holiday season or in 2010, I’d love to know.
 Mrs. G in NH – a quick way to tell the difference between a cultured pearl and a faux pearl is to rub it on your teeth! A cultured pearl will feel a bit gritty on your teeth. So, if you thought that was an urban myth, know that it is a actually a pretty  great test to tell the difference. Crazy, right?

Deborah in IL – I just heard from Nicky! Here is the information on which gemstones represent the planets:

Sun: Garnet

Moon: Rainbow Moonstone

Mars: Carnelian

Mercury: Green Onyx (Chalcedony)

Jupiter: Citrine

Venus: Rose Quartz

Saturn: Lapis & Amethyst

Moon’s North Node: Smokey Quartz

Answers to Questions:
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