Cute Sewing DIY Hanging Hearts for Valentines Day

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Sew your own Valentine! You’ll be getting to know your swing machine and perfect the use of different presser feet.  It’s full of originality, whimsy and affection and it has zero calories! Make one heart or one strand or multiple strands. It’s your Valentine!


1. Fabric Selection

Fabric Selection

Once you have selected your fabric, back it with interfacing and draw many different size hearts from pre-cut paper templates. You can even cut out hearts within the hearts for special opaque affects using Angelina Fiber.


2. Plan your  work….

Plan Your Work

Cut out the  hearts in pairs so you have a front and a back for each one. Be sure to also cut out a heavy stabilizing center such as Timtex to keep the finished hearts from curling. Gather your laces, Angelina fibers, ribbon bows, doilies and other trims and begin to plan out  how you’d like the hearts to look.


3. Press in place

Press in place

Place a heart layer on the bottom, the double adhesive sided Timtex, the 1/4″ ribbon strand and then the top layer of the heart and press. Use a silicone pressing sheet to protect the heart tops and keep the iron from sticking to the adhesive.


4. Stitch your plan

Stitch your plan

Try different colored threads, open toe, satin stitch and over casting foot, try using the flower foot or add trim to the outside edges…Once all the stitching is completed, trim all your threads and tie to a curtain rod. What says Love better than a stitched Heart Valentine?


Share pictures of your special gifts for Valentine’s Day.

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