How To Create A Tablescape for Your Spring Dinner Party

It’s time to set the table and welcome spring. Creating tablescapes is one of my all time favorite things because it’s all about gathering around a table filled with love. Setting the table should never be stressful, it should be fun and exciting as you’re prepping for a meal with your loved ones. Spring brings us all things fresh and this tablescape does just that. Welcoming spring with a dinner party is such a great way to kick off the new season. Below you’ll find details on how to create this tablescape for your favorites including a floral and fruit centerpiece DIY, a 5 minute place setting how-to, and tips on decorating for the season.

I enjoyed making this easy centerpiece and didn’t want to remove it from the dining table. It only took about 15 minute to make and that includes cutting fresh fruit.


  1. Place 2 bouquets of baby’s breath on the table leaving space in the center for additional flower.
  2. Trim fresh flowers leaving about 1in of stem, just to showcase the top of the flower.
  3. Place the individual flowers in the center and them move into the baby’s breath.
  4. Fill food/dessert cups with sliced fresh fruit. I suggest bright fruits such as lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit.
  5. Place the dessert cups throughout the flower centerpiece.
  6. Welcome guests and invite them to enjoy a cup of fruit as they arrive.

A simple way to create custom place setting name tags is by creating watercolor initials using watercolor crayons. Watercolor crayons are such fun and you there’s no set rules when using them, I even used my finger to smooth out thicker lines! Be sure to have water, the crayons (which can be used dry or wet), paper, and create small place markers as you see fit. I sway toward initials and monograms so this was a simple DIY that took less than 5 minutes to create and then a bit of drying time. Your guests will love the custom touch you add to the tablescape.

Want to create a simple table display that welcomes guests with focus on the food? Decorative plates and stemware at each place setting is a fun way to showcase your seasonal salad creation. I love a well decorated table with simplicity and that’s just what this spring table has. From fresh fruit to a custom floral centerpiece, to a seasonal salad served with class this tablescape is inviting and thoughtful.

Enjoy creating a table that invites spring with its colors, smell, and taste.

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