Copper Is The New Hardware For Fighting Wrinkles

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It’s a penny for your thoughts but now we’re saving that extra change to improve our skin. Copper is a natural material that we’ve used for millennia in construction and jewelry and it also has wonderful benefits as a skin care treatment. Now before anyone goes to raid a piggy bank for a quick facial, catch these facts about copper and how to use it on your skin to put a new jingle in your step.


1. What It Is

For anyone unfamiliar, copper is a chemical element found in nature but in skincare we see it in the form of copper peptides or copper PCA, which is derived from a type of acid. Copper is essential to all living things as a trace dietary mineral, the same way we make sure to get enough calcium and magnesium in our diets.


2. How It Works

Copper helps regenerate collagen and elastin in our skin cells which increases the firmness and strength of our skin. It also helps to increase production of skin-plumping hyaluronic acid which means the wrinkles and sagging skin under eyes or chins are given a little boost. Unlike with silver or gold where a risk of toxicity exposure can be elevated, copper is metabolized by our bodies and poses a minimal risk.


If you have very sensitive skin copper might be the perfect treatment for you as it’s anti-inflammatory. An additional benefit of this little metal is that copper peptides also help fight infection by enhancing our skin’s natural defenses.


3. Where To Get It

Shop for Beauty Deals on HSN

One of the absolute easiest ways to work copper into your skin care routine is by just tweaking one of your biggest daily habits: sleeping. Since copper can be absorbed through the skin you can multitask while dreaming with this Copper Oxide Pillowcase or Copper Oxide Eye Mask by Iluminage; they’re both specialty satin fabrics woven with microscopic copper fibers for anti-aging benefits. Copper can help your nighttime routine but don’t forget about being on good behaviors during waking hours with proper moisturizers and SPF protection too.


What’s a surprising skin remedy you learned to be true?

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