Cool Accessories for Hot Summer Days

We all like to “take it off” when the mercury goes up  – but I like to think of this as an opportunity to really show off my accessories. And girls…you know what I’m talking about! When you’re sans a structured wardrobe and in a bathing suit or halter top there is nothing sexier a pair of crystal earrings to catch the sun and throw it back in a sparkly show of color. Additionally – when your eyes are hidden “Hollywood style” behind sunglasses…your earrings do all the talking!
Summer chic to me is firstly being comfortable in a cool (no pun intended) ensemble and decked out in FABULOUS JEWELRY!!   There is nothing more great looking to me than a gal that looks cool, confident, and captivating when she is casually dressed and fabulously accessorized.  A strapless dress with a nautical or sealife necklace for going out for dinner at the beach is stunning!!  A colorful halter top with “drop dead” earrings and a pile of sparkling bangles going up the arm… now that’s a WOW !!!  Summer time for me is when I truly practice my jewelry wearing philosophy; “GO BIG OR GO HOME” The reason being is that my wardrobe tends to be very simple, borderline casual, and then I hit with the sparkly STUFF!!!
And remember girls, don’t’ be afraid of COLOR! You can never be too bright, too hot or too spicy in July and August so this is your time to be bold.

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