Connie & Bill’s Valentine’s Day Picks

Hosts Connie Craig-Carroll and Bill Green not only work together but also are great friends. They even call each other “brother” and “sister”. How cute is that? Connie and Bill gave us some background and some fun stuff in their upcoming Valentine’s Day gifts event. Tune in February 1 at 10 pm EST for their annual Valentine’s Day Picks show.

How did you two become such great friends?

Connie: Bill is truly like family to me, we look out for each other, chat and laugh and sometimes bicker but all in good fun.We both look forward to this event because it gives us a chance to cut up on air just like we do in real everyday life.

Celebrating a Birthday
Bill: Connie and I met when we she first came to HSN, and quickly became friends, from my perspective, Connie is the sister that I never had!  She is a great friend both on and off air, and I take care of her like my little sister!



What is the story behind this annual show?

Connie: The year prior to my marriage I was asked to host the Valentines show because I was engaged and planning a wedding.  Oh course I was excited because I think we all love Valentines day…whether sharing it with a sweetheart, friend, sister, etc.  A couple years back I thought why not add something extra to the show so I asked Bill to join and what a blast it has been.  He brought me roses for the show and they had big thorns, they snagged my stockings and poked my finger!!!  We want you all to have as much fun as we do so we choose all your favorites that you would want for Valentine’s day.

Will you have any special guests for the Valentine’s Day show?

Connie: Wei Brian (of Wei East beauty) has been a part of the show since the beginning. She was actually on air with me when I announced my pregnancy.  She is a dear friend, and what wonderful products…everyone wants to feel pretty for valentines day so she is going to help us with that.  On a personal note I use EYES ALIVE everyday and it is included in our special for the show that you will see only one time every year.  Cant wait.
Bill: What is Valentine’s Day without romantic candlelight, whether it’s joining your loved one for dinner, or just sitting around in a romantic candle lit setting!  We turned to our celebrity home decor specialist, Nate Berkus to bring us his intriguing and very popular remote control candles for the Event, be sure to tune in because the charming Nate Berkus is even calling  in for the show!
Connie: Lets face it, Nate is soooo cute too!  Always good for Valentine’s Day.

Of all your picks, what are couple items that make the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts?
Bill: We picked David’s Cookies as an American Favorite.  Our friend Adina Miccio from David’s Cookies created the first ever Fashion Diva Shoe and Matching Handbag Cookie Jar set that will be chocked full of David’s Best Selling Cookies, a great affordable gift for any Valentine!
Next, we are Premiering a Brand New Apple iTouch MP3/MP4 Player that is loaded with extra features.  This is the first iTouch Package we have ever brought to HSN, and it’s wireless from any accessible wireless hot spot or network.  You can play all of your favorite Music, upload and play Music and Video’s and thousands of Applications, check your email right from your iTouch.  This is going to be the biggest Electronics item premiere ever on HSN and we have exclusive Valentine’s show pricing, Flex Pay and free shipping!
Connie: We both chose the Command Performance double burner Package for our Customers to celebrate Valentine’s Day intimately or with friends. It is a full size set of two cooking burners to create a buffet or private dinner setting  for Valentines Day andas  always—it will be at a very special event price just for our customers for Connie and Bill’s Valentine’s Day Picks!
On the set last year
We also have an R.J. Graziano princess ring.  It looks so much like the ring that our favorite iconic princess wore and of course the new princess that is to wed very shortly will be wearing.  We should all feel like a princess and now we can.
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