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Highgate Manor Home Fragrance Set
Well it has been a long time coming! But it is here at last!!!! Highgate Manor has a home fragrance collection and we are kicking it off on Wednesday the 19th of October. 


I have to say that for me and the way I live, home fragrance is as essential as the one you use on yourself! It finishes the aura of a room, it creates a mood, and it “welcomes” your guests into your home.


I have really special scents for you to get your senses ready for the fall/winter season. FRENCH VANILLA that is warm and inviting. ROYAL PLUM that is sexy and exotic. And, WILD APPLE that blends old fashioned apple and spice.


All of these are unisex fragrances! They fit into all ways of living, and by the way, all of them are perfect scents that DO NOT interfere with your dining pleasure. The sets are 3 pieces and include a scented candle in glass votive holder, potpourri and a fragrance diffuser.  Wait until you see the elegant packaging, they make great gifts for yourself and others, men or women!  Enjoy, and tune in to watch Highgate Manor.


— Allegra

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