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Heidi DausMy Dear Family,
Some of you are new to me and some have been with me through the long haul. When I say the “long haul” I say it proudly as I am celebrating my 10 YEARS on HSN! What’s kept my passion for designing and presenting new creations all this time? You! The biggest kick a gal can have besides wearing beautiful jewels and being noticed for it is having fans like you who get as much pleasure out of it as I do. I really feel as if we are family. As a “sister” I must share a secret with you; Do you know what I felt when I first sat on that HSN soundstage and stared into the camera’s blinking light? Sheer terror!
But with the kindness and comforting support of Lynn Murphy and Marlo Smith…I made it through! I’ll never forget how cute Mitch and the boys were – apparently they cut school (ages 12 and 13) and went to a neighbor’s house to watch my first appearance. The neighbor’s likened them to Forrest Gump as they sat inches from the television set and hung on my every word.! When I was asked to return for a December visit I was told that Mitch’s guest who came over to watch a Giant’s game starting cheering. Mitchell assumed the Giants had scored only to find out his friend was cheering at a SOLD OUT banner under one of the items I was selling. The outpouring from these big guys watching me show off jewelry was too cute!
Gradually I eased into a comfort zone on live television which I attribute to the many calls from fans full of enthusiasm for my jewelry. The support I got and still get from my various hosts; Colleen Lopez, Lynn Murphy, Connie Craig-Carrol, Bill Green, Shivan Sarna and many others. My behind the scenes producers, stage managers and crew – all of the people who make sure my mic and earpiece are just right – have all become part of my extended family. In fact when I first met my camera man he was just out of college. We bonded because his grandmother was a huge fan of mine. The next thing I knew he was marrying his beautiful bride, and recently they just had triplets! Scary how time flies! In addition to my HSN family, I have many others in my extended family; namely my team at home in New Jersey, who keep me on track and help me execute my ideas. I feel it is appropriate to borrow the phrase, “It takes a village” as it truly applies to me!
The team was truly crazy over the summer churning out my September show where I will be introducing exquisite new designs and a T.S. that will knock your socks off! Gems – the sizes of which will mesmerize, new Swarovski colors will appear on other designs like you’ve never seen before. I tell you – I had such fun with this one I can’t wait to show it all off! I’ll see you at the beginning of the second week in September. After 10 years I can truly say that this never gets old – it only gets BETTER!
Thank you and love to all,
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