Color Your World

Have you ever noticed that the color of your jewelry can affect your mood?
For years color psychologists have studied the effect of colors on our emotions….Even if we’re not aware of the impact – colors affect us every day! Caribbean blue topaz can immediately take me to a favorite beach on Green Turtle Island in the Bahamas. Turquoise takes me back to majestic Santa Fe New Mexico (I start craving chips and guacamole)! Green emeralds evoke the feeling of walking barefoot in soft, fresh cut grass. Golden Citrine reminds me of “sweater weather” and the glorious changing fall leaves in my home state of Minnesota.
As we all look for ways to surround ourselves with optimism these days – one surefire way to lift your mood is with bold, sparkling, upbeat, colorful gemstones! The 2009 season is focusing on rich moody hues….deep purples (the passion color), warm ambers (cheerful and optimistic), shades of blue (for calm and tranquility), berry reds (intense emotion), and greens (for relaxing).
On August 30th at midnight get ready to experience gem color in all it’s glory! We have a Sajen Silver Today’s Special that features the most spectacular play of color in 3 different choices that will inspire you to put your “shine on” for the new fall season!! We have never seen quartz stones quite like this before….Get ready for a Color Explosion on your finger!

Amy Kahn Russell’s booth
Picture perfect profiles!
Amy Kahn Russell’s boothAmy Kahn Russell’s booth
Purple Prism, Caribbean Dream,
Champagne Rainbow
Handcrafted beauties by Sajen
Color is all around us…Take the time to look around you and feel the colors – breath in all the glorious hues!
Here’s to living life in full color!

Answers to Questions:
Sorry I’ve fallen behind in answering your questions….it’s been a busy summer!

First of all, many of you are asking about our Prestige Anti-tarnish boxes…We hear you!
We are presently working on several new designs (including larger, multi drawer boxes) and we will be introducing new colors as well as continuing to feature the classic favorites.  The cuff box will be here on August 30 (our big Designer Jewelry Gallery Day!).  The new earring box will also be introduced Aug. 30th.  My “box team” does read all of  your feedback.  We are planning on having a better selection of boxes in stock on in the upcoming months. Thanks for all your requests, suggestions and comments – we’re listening!
For all the “Pearl Girls” – Many of you are wondering about my “giant” pearl necklace and matching earrings…These are coming to HSN in November as part of My Favorite Things!  They’re very bold, but extremely light and comfortable to wear…stay tuned!
I’ve had several requests for my sequined sweater jacket – I have good news!  This sweater jacket is a personal favorite of mine – our fashion buyers have decided to make it a Today’s Special for Fall Fashion Week!  I’m very excited to bring you this gorgeous jacket in 4 stunning colors – black, platinum, bronze and rose.  You can look for this and many other favorite tops I love to wear – Hope you can watch on Sept. 19th at midnight!
Sajen Silver fans – Thank you for all your requests!  Marianna and Richard are so excited to share their first TS with you at midnight on August 30th.   The TS ring is amazing and Sajen will also have many new and beautiful designs to share with you throughout the day!  I will forward all of your Sajen requests to our buying team.  Marianna and Richard love reading your comments on this blog – so keep your suggestions coming!
Amy Kahn Russell fans – Thank you for all the great comments – I will  be sure to get your requests to Amy and our buyers!
Joan Boyce fans – I agree – Joan’s designs are fabulous!  I have a stunning necklace/earring/ring set coming up as part of my Anniversary show on Aug. 9th at 5:00 PM eastern.  Look for more gorgeous designs by Joan Boyce coming this fall!
Studio  Barse lovers: I will be sure to forward all of your requests to our Silver buying team…thanks for the great comments!
Watch requests: Yes, my duel time zone watch is coming in November as part of My Favorite Things.  I’m sorry it’s taken so long, but I hope it will be worth the wait!  It will have interchangeable leather bands (like mine) in black, white and silver/grey.  Thanks for your patience 🙂
Technibond – Thank you for all your comments and requests – I will be sure our Technibond buyers read all of your ideas and feedback –  thank you!
Skin Care: Several of you have asked about my favorite skin care products…..As you can imagine, I have many faves as we sell such an incredible selection of skin care products here at HSN.  My newest favorites are Lancome’s Genifique (the results for me have been wonderful!) and Serious Skin Care‘s new Replicate and Renew.
I would recommend both of these as new items to try with your other favorite skin care products!
Finally, Thank you for your kindness.  I have to let you know how much your kind words in your messages mean to me…After 15 years of being a host at HSN, your support is something I truly treasure.  Thank you.  In the world of electronic retailing (as well as in life) – change is something that we all unfortunately have to deal with.
Friends come and go – people move on – things change.  It’s not always easy to embrace change, but more often than not, it makes us better.   I want you to know that HSN is an amazing place to work – I have never met or worked with a more talented and dedicated group of people.  The greatest career decision of my life was coming to be part of the HSN family a decade and a half ago!  It’s you, our customers, who inspire us to be our best.  We know we’re not perfect – but we are here for you and will continue to strive for excellence.  I can say with all my heart, there’s no place I’d rather be and there’s no place like HSN…..Here’s to the Next 15 years!!!

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