Celebrating Birthdays & Skin Care

Hi Girlfriends,
July is a very special month for me because HSN and I are celebrating our birthdays. In celebration of this double birthday month we have put together very special offerings that I know you will not want to miss.
On July 19th at 12:01 AM we will offer a Today’s Special that has not one, not two, but three of our best selling, Five Essentials Crèmes, along with new Rapid Transport C Infused beauty products – all at an incredibly affordable price. I can’t spell out all the specifics because our Today’s Specials have to be kept under wraps until the last-minute reveal, but I did want my special girlfriends to have a “heads up.”
Summer means extra care must be taken to prevent sun damage to your skin. It is critical that you wear a Day Crème with a broad spectrum sunscreen every single day. I wear my Hyaluronic1000 Ounce of Gold with my Double Hyaluronic Filling Spheres Broad Spectrum SPF 30 every day. The sun comes through the windows and can play havoc with your skin. My beautiful, fair-skinned granddaughter lives in Southern California and wears Day Specific SPF 25 every day. You can be sure that she’s learned the importance of using a daily sunscreen from a very early age. She’s heard me lecture and talk about it since she was old enough to be interested in skin care and makeup.
You are all my very special girlfriends and mean a lot to me, so please remember to apply your SPF cream every day, year ‘round, but especially in the hot, summer months, no matter what Signature Club A line you use.

  • Precious Moroccan Argan Oil Broad Spectrum SPF 25 Day Crème
  • Tears of Beauty Mastiha Day Creme SPF20
  • Day Specific SPF 25

Our birthday shows will include supersized Vitamin C kits, Buy 1 Get 1 favorites, our Precious Moroccan Argan Oil with Baobab collections and many birthday priced offerings. Tune in on July 18th, 19th and 20th to join me and HSN to celebrate our birthdays.
Have a fun filled summer!

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