Celebrate The List’s 1-Year Anniversary with 3 Chic Outfits

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The seasons pass so fast I can hardly believe it’s already spring and we’re celebrating The List’s 1-year anniversary! It’s been a wonderful year of sharing the best new fashions on the show and getting to help more women craft their signature style. To celebrate The List’s 1-year anniversary, I asked everyone on Facebook to share their favorite fashion finds to feature during the show. What we saw were stylish pieces that highlighted the transition from winter to spring so we were inspired to recreate the idea with 3 of our own chic outfits!


1. A Royal Blue Spring


Draping fabrics are a great transitional piece from winter to spring and the Hi-Low Circular Hem Top by Serena Williams is a perfect example. It’s easy to layer for warmth but has a fresh, carefree appeal with its volume. The asymmetrical design of the top is what really captures my attention though, as it’s far from being monotonous as winter can seem. Dyed in such a brilliant blue hue it’s beautiful. To complete this outfit pair it with the Essential Legging also by Serena Williams in heather gray or driftwood, or try the CJ by Cookie Johnson “Worthy” Flare Jean – Optic White for an even brighter look.

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2. A Cool Breeze

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Billowy fabrics like the Slinky® Brand Waterfall Knit Jacket by Slinky Brand invoke a feeling of the fresh spring air and they look effortlessly cool and styled. This low-maintenance but highly stylish outfit is perfect for changing out the look of your wardrobe for the season while still giving you coverage. A flowing top layer can continue with harem pants on the bottom like the Slinky® Brand Printed Harem Pant with Pockets to keep this look relaxed.


Pair this outfit with the “Demo” Woven Demi-Wedge Sandal by Steve Madden. Its chunky straps and thick heel will balance out the lightweight look of the outfit.

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3. A Budding Sheath Dress

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Sheath dresses are figure flattering on just about everyone and this dress from my own Colleen Lopez collection might be one of my favorite outfit options to transition from winter to spring too! With its slick cut a sheath dress is sexy and sophisticated, but can be made to also feel lively and seasonal with the right patterns. The “Elegant Expectations” Sheath Dress holds on to a touch of winter with its dark base but has leaves unfolding in bright turquoise to make this dress feel fresh!


I’m looking forward to another year of fashion-forward ideas and inspiration on The List with all of you ladies! What’s one of your favorite fashion picks to transition from winter to spring?

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