Carol Brodie Collaborates with Graziela Kaufman for Destination Brazil Collection

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Creating a special ring to wear at my son's bar mitzvah
I am beyond excited to showcase a magnificent fine jewelry collaboration for Rarities – it is a spectacular celebration of the natural gems and sophisticated styles of Brazil. As part of the Destination Brazil event, this colorful collection features 18 unique styles curated by me and designed by my very dear friend and colleague,  Graziela Saade Kaufman. Graziela was born and raised in Brazil – a country where gems and jewelry are an iconic symbol of the culture.  Brazilian women love their jewelry and wear it every day, everywhere… with remarkable ease, elegance and panache.
Graziela for Rarities 8.12ct Amethyst & Gemstone Ring Item: 128-080
Graziela and I worked together to create a very special Amethyst ring for me to wear to my son’s Bar Mitzvah. We just had to put it in this collection, so I hope you will wear it as I did – with enormous excitement and pride. It is one of my most treasured rings.
We have a similar design aesthetic (we both love big important jewelry)! Via trips back and forth to New York, Brazil and Chicago (where Graziela lives with her beautiful family) we finally decided on 18 designs that truly sum up the colors of Brazil. Once completed, we realized that our love of for each of these jewels represents more than jewelry… each magnificent piece is symbolic of our friendship.
Graziela for Rarities 7.58ct Sky Blue Topaz & White Zircon Necklace Item: 127-350
We both love blue topaz and wanted this necklace to have the look of white diamonds. We decided to use zircon so it is super sparkling and brilliant!
You will love the Sky Blue Topaz and White Zircon necklace! Both of us love London blue topaz and wanted this necklace to have the look of white diamonds. We decided to use zircon so it is super sparkling and brilliant!
Unique, chic, rare, sparkling, brilliant – we created this collection with gratitude, warmth and a kindred spirit. We hope that you will wear your Rarity with joie de vivre and passion—just like we do!
Lots of love,
At my office in Manhattan, we tested the wear ability of each jewel by trying on everything…we both love the jewelry so this could have been our best day ever!
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