Cabin Fever

Here I am in the Sunshine State writing about Cabin Fever!
Warming up in our Embroidered Tunic in Black & Pink!
I don’t think it matters where you live in the country, every year around this time we all start yearning for warmer weather and sunny days to arrive!
Coming up on February 2nd at midnight, I have a surefire cure for the winter time blues. We have TWO My Favorite Things tops that we will offer in a choice of deliciously vibrant colors and figure flattering styles! Even though it’s cold outside – we will be heating things up on the HSN runway!
Our embroidered tunic Today’s Special is absolutely stunning and the perfect compliment to slim legged jeans or leggings. The multi-color silk embroidery is exquisite and the colors are irresistible: blueberry, azalea or black. I love the cold shoulder (bra friendly) design with its sleek lines and soft, washable fabric.
Wearing Nautical print and thinking spring with my husband, Carlos!
Our surplice style Today’s Special top is a knockout with the waist-slimming jersey detail…..It’s both chic and comfortable in three gorgeous prints: Lepoard, Nautical, or Floral. I just love this top – it’s looks great on all figure types (our plus size fit model loves this one!) and it’s a perfect choice to wear for all occasions – work, parties and travel.
I hope you will be able to tune in and “Catch the Fever” with us on February 2nd! Both of these new tops will put a little spring in your step as we wait for the snow to melt and temps to rise!

Warm regards,

Answers to Questions:
Black and Turquoise Color Block Top: It will be here for the My Favorite Things TS Day on Feb. 2nd! It’s a very slimming top – and the new colors are fabulous; black and white, black and purple, black and red and chocolate and turquoise!
Silver Sequin Sweater Jacket: This is in the works for MFT and should be here by summer. 90% of all the clothes I wear on HSN are part of the MFT apparel line – so you can find them on or in an upcoming My Favorite Things Show. In 2010 we will be featuring brand new MFT fashions in Feb. April, May, July, August and November!
Necklace Boxes: Many of you are asking about our Prestige Necklace Box. The latest version (better than ever as it holds more necklaces!) will be here in March for our Designer Gallery Event! We have a gorgeous Today’s Special planned for this day (it’s a necklace!) so the box will be available to store all your treasures!
XS Sizing: I’ve had several requests for our extra smalls to fit smaller…..Fit is the biggest challenge when it comes to apparel and believe me we are tweaking all the time to get it right! I will be sure and forward your comments to our buying team.
Robin in Ohio – You’re asking about my Hypnotic Quartz ring…first, it’s a true favorite of mine! The best way to clean this treated stone is with mild soapy water and a soft bristle brush. Be sure you rinse it thoroughly after cleaning. Try to avoid harsh chemicals – this can cause residue build-up on your stone. If you take care of it – it will look beautiful for a lifetime!
JC in North Carolina: Thanks for the message. I will pass on your comments about sizing. As hosts, we know it’s important to give all the pertinent sizing information for both jewelry and apparel – Thanks for watching and shopping with us!
Lorna in Michigan: Petites are coming on February 2nd! I’m so happy to report that I will be offering my jeans (boot cut and skinny) in petite sizes for the first time on my TS Day – Hope you can watch at midnight on the 2nd 🙂
Jacqueline in TN: I will be sure to forward your request for the Veronica necklace to our pearl buyer. I love Vera (I call her the Pearl Queen of Manhattan!).
Elene in NJ: I will forward your request for the two row watch box to our buyer. Hopefully we’ll get it in for spring!
Pat in TN: You are requesting a wide band Peridot ring with a large center stone….I will let our buyers know to try to find something like this for you – it sounds beautiful!
Phyllis in NC: We are thrilled to welcome Charles Winston to our HSN family! His jewelry is stunning!
Cheryl in GA: You’re a girl after my own heart as I, too, love large genuine gemstone pendants. We are working on more for spring….I’m heading to Tucson in a few weeks for the big gem show and I will be on the hunt for the larger carat weight stones for you 🙂
Hugo in MD: We have a great necklace box coming in March that holds bold, chunky necklaces. It will be featured during our Designer Gallery event….stay tuned!
Pam in Ohio: Thanks for sharing the info about the watch and Carol’s daughter product with other posters! I wish I could respond the way you do to this blog – but all my answers have to go to personnel first – so it takes a while before my answers get to you!
Jackie in Ohio: I hope you saw the response from Pam in Ohio! The item number for the watch is 569-581 🙂
Marybeth in VA: It’s always a mark of excellence when a ring is made with an under gallery – but you’re right, cleaning can be a bit more challenging. If find an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner does the best job on my rings with under galleries – it helps remove the dirt from tight crevices and hard to reach areas. Have you tried this type of cleaner?
Cathy in IL: Great request! I think Amber set in Technibond would be beautiful! I’ll be sure to let Natalie, our Technibond buyer, know you’ll be looking for some!
Dorrie in VA: I’m sorry to hear you lost one of your Heidi Daus earrings – bummer! You may be able to have your earring replaced by contacting Heidi’s company directly. Go to – you can send them and email and inquire about replacing your lost earring. Good luck!
Linda in IL – I loved Romper Room! I would wait every day for her to say my name – but Colleen is not very common and never once did she see me in her magic mirror!! I love your NY resolution – to buy your first piece of Heidi Daus jewelry (now that’s one resolution I could keep)!!! I’ll let her know that Linda in Illinois is looking for something petite and sparkly!
Whitney: The black and white ruffle/off shoulder top is all one piece 🙂 I’m meeting with my buyer tomorrow and I’ll find out when the top will be here….Hopefully before Summer!
Lois in IL – Happy New Year!!
Mary in CA – The new necklace box we have coming in for March is a stand up box, but is holds more necklaces that the original – I think you’ll love it!

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