Break Out of A Jewelry Rut and Shine Again

Break Out of A Jewelry Rut and Shine Again

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How many women have jewelry boxes that are stocked with gorgeous treasures but who fall back on the same exact pieces every day? It’s the jewelry uniform conundrum. You know what looks good on you and you know how to match it but before long it’s the only accessories you wear. It’s a common problem but we’ve got the solution. Shine your way back from a jewelry rut with these style ideas that will help you mix up your look.


1. Small But Stylish

One of the other reasons someone may fall into a jewelry rut is for practicality. Some jewelry styles look stunning but are too high maintenance for day-to-day activities. Spice up your accessories again by adding small details that will bring the shimmer and glitter back to your look without hampering your schedule. Try little beauties like this Multigemstone “Bouquet” Ring by Deb Guyot Designs. It’s unobtrusive but the starburst design stands out from more traditional cuts.

Multigemstone "Bouquet" Ring


2. A Statement Accessory

A second reason for the commonality of “jewelry uniforms” is due to time crunches. Early in the morning isn’t the ideal time to be rummaging through a jewelry box so you go with what always works. Update your look without any drain on your time with statement jewelry. Choose one accessory that is noticeably bigger, brighter, or more detailed and wear it solo or with your uniform basics. For example, this Crocheted Waterfall Potay Bead Necklace by Himalayan Gems can revamp an outfit and it needs minimal pairing beyond a pair of stud earrings.

Crocheted Waterfall Potay Bead Necklace


3. Special Occasions

When the opportunity arises to take the extra time to get dolled up and break out some jewelry treasures, don’t let it pass you by! Remember that accessories are an extension of our outfit, so if we dress to the ‘nines’ our jewelry should be on the same level. For a special occasion go big with some bling like this 3.11ct Round & Baguette Bridge Ring from Absolute. Also try doubling up on some sparkle like pairing a base look like the “Diamond” Quartz Sterling Silver Stud Earrings with a second earring with more detail like the “Diamond” Quartz 100-Facet Drop Earrings.

3.11ct Round & Baguette Bridge Ring


How do you mix up your daily basics for jewelry?

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