Botanical Extracts To Encourage Skin’s Bloom

Botanical Extracts That Restores Skin’s Bloom

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We all know to eat our fruits and veggies for better health, but it also turns out that those greens are great for us from the outside-in too. As more people grow to appreciate organic, natural foods, we’re also learning more about the benefits of Mother Nature for our skin care. Almost all of the products we use today contain botanical extracts. Sci-fi sounding names like “Pinus nigra laricio” might throw us for a loop but when we break down the chemistry lingo what we’re left with are some surprisingly simple (but powerful!) plant extracts.


Here are 5 commonly used plant extracts that combat the signs of aging in skin:


1. Pinus nigra laricio aka. Black Pine

When we did our homework on “Pinus nigra laricio” we found out that it’s Black Pine extract from a species of Pine trees common to Southern Europe and Asia. But if you had the chance to smell this extract on its own you could easily identify the ingredient from its classic Christmas-pine scent. What it does for skincare though is a whole new reason to hope we get to wake up to this scent Christmas morning. Black pine is high in polyphenols, antioxidants that the skin uses to retain moisture and turn over new cell growth. The black pine tree is unique though in that it taps into these secondary metabolites for long-lasting growth of 100 to 1,000’s of years, and it is super adaptable and resilient to the elements.


That being said, we’ll have what the Black Pine is having in the form of Black Pine Firming Sleeping Oil by Korres.

Korres Black Pine Firming Sleeping Oil


2. Rosa canina aka. Rose

Rose extract has a long history of use in the cosmetics industry. It is seen in a variety of different forms depending on the extraction method. For example, pure Rose oil is derived from steam distilling the rose petals, while Rose Hips oil is made from the rose seed pods. With heavenly scent either way, Rose extract has a high percentage of essential fatty acids that help to regenerate skin, repair tissue damage, and minimize the look of scars and discoloration. The next time an admirer comes calling you should hope they bring roses for these special reasons! You can always boil the petals on the stovetop for a quick at-home facial.


3. Matricaria recutita aka. Chamomile

Another plant that I’m sure almost everyone has heard before. Although Chamomile usually gets more table talk at a tea parlor than a beauty shop, it is outstanding for skin care. The same way that Chamomile is an ideal hot drink for stress relief, it’s also a nourishing liquid for topical use to soothe and calm skin. It functions as an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant for helping to reverse photodamage, treat, and heal dry skin. The addition of Chamomile to the Power Glow Facial Peel Towelette by m-61 makes these on-the-go exfoliant treatments more gentle on skin, minimizing redness.

m-61 Power Glow Facial Peel Towelette


4. Camellia sinensis aka. Green Tea

Serve up one more cup of tea, please! Green tea might be your beverage of choice every morning or maybe you’re a coffee fan? Both drinks have caffeine that when used for skin care can help reduce the risk of damage and disease from UV exposure. Another benefit of green tea specifically is that it binds with free radicals in your cells to prevent damage and inflammation and treat existing problems.


5. Morus alba root aka. Mulberry Extract

Mulberries are a sweet treat to eat and they’re a treat for our skin too. Mulberries are a small but mighty fruit packed with vitamins, protein, and antioxidants. The extract has an additional special use for helping with hyperpigmentation or skin discoloration as it’s an effective treatment to lighten skin spots and even skintone.


What’s one botanical extract you use in your daily beauty routine?

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