Birds of a Feather

As a true jewelry lover – like any bird worth its feathers – I love shiny things!  Right now I’m looking down at the new Designer Gallery samples for October sitting on my desk  – I’m both thrilled and fascinated by the latest creations by Amy Kahn Russell. Few designers would be able to find a way to create gorgeous, gleaming jewelry out of genuine Peacock Feathers!  Yep, you read it right…Peacock Feathers.   I want give you a little “bird’s eye view” of the woman behind these artful designs….

“Proud as a Peacock” Pendant“Show Your Feathers” Cuff Bracelet
“Proud as a Peacock” Pendant“Show Your Feathers” Cuff Bracelet
When I first met Amy in New York City three years ago at a big jewelry show, I was already a collector of her jewelry.  Walking into her booth was like landing on Fantasy Island!  There she was – a tiny lady with a big spirit and a warm smile surrounded by bold, exotic, ornate, one-of-a-kind treasures.   Amy’s eyes twinkled as she showed me her prize creations.  Like a proud mom, every piece in her collection brings a tale of travel, adventure, friendship and her love of animals and nature.
Jewelry designer Amy Kahn Russell
Jewelry designer Amy Kahn Russell
A fine arts graduate of Tulane, Amy’s personal studies and travels have taken her all over the globe.  Amy lived in Asia for several years and here she perfected her talent for sculpture using hand carved rocks and minerals.  Today Amy Kahn Russell is considered a forerunner of the naturalistic trend in jewelry with her gorgeous carvings and unique stone combinations.  Her jewelry is often worn by famous women of film, television and fashion.  Her jewelry has been photographed for all the top fashion magazines and can be seen in numerous museums including the Natural History Museum and the Smithsonian.
Statements by Amy Kahn Russell for HSN’s Designer Gallery transforms an exotic blend of nature’s beauty and cultural heritages into contemporary, hand crafted jewelry designs.  Amy tells me that, “The greatest moments for me are when I see one of my pieces on a woman who truly appreciates beauty.”  We invite you to “flock together” with us and share the passion of wearable art by Amy Kahn Russell during our Designer Gallery show on October 31st…
Carved Phoenix – The Bird of ImmortalityNesting in Amy’s Exotic Phoenix Jewelry
Carved Phoenix – The Bird of ImmortalityNesting in Amy’s Exotic Phoenix Jewelry
“A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song”
Old Chinese Proverb


Thank you for the amazing response to our Sequin Sweater Jacket Today’s Special! I hope you love your jackets as much as I do and I hope the fit worked for you. I wanted to give you a tip on cleaning your jacket. I have yet to hand wash mine – instead I use Woolite Dry Cleaner sheets. They work great and you can find them at the grocery store or super store. I turn my jacket inside out and put the dryer on delicate. The dry cleaner sheets work perfectly for removing any odors (smoke, perfume, etc.) and my jackets comes out even better than if I had taken it to a professional dry cleaner! Unless you spill a glass of wine or coffee on your jacket – this method of cleaning does the job beautifully.

PRESTIGE JEWELRY BOXES: Thanks for all you feed back and requests. I’m sorry the cuff box didn’t make it for the August Designer Gallery show as promised. There was a problem with delivery and we now will not see the large cuff box until December (I’ve been promised it will be here before Christmas!). We are working on a box for larger rings as many of you have requested. It will hold your bolder coctail rings and wider band rings….It’s coming early 2010. We are also bringing in a NEW necklace box….It holds even more necklaces than the original – I can’t wait to show it to you!
STATEMENT NECKLACES: Many of you are asking about several of the necklaces I’ve been wearing lately. They will all be here in November for the My Favorite Things Jewelry Show. My large stone bib necklace (with matching earrings and bracelet), the smokey and black flower station necklace, and my Indian Princess necklace will all be here along with my duel time zone watch, a new collection of gemstones, new lorgnettes, and much more!
SUZANNE SOMERS: Yes, I’m sorry to say that Suzanne Somers is no longer a part of the HSN family. I was sad when she told me she made the decision to leave HSN. We shared lots of great times together and I wish her nothing but the best. Although I will no longer be working with Suzanne – she holds a special place in my heart and we will always remain friends.
PETITE SIZING: Thanks for all the feedback about the need for petite sizes for my apparel. I totally agree and my buyer has promised moving forward we will offer all my jeans and bottoms in petite lengths. We listen to all your feedback and will continue to work hard to bring you beautiful, stylish, flattering, affordable, quality fashion for all size ranges!
Annette in CA and Kimberly in FL are asking about my wedding set 🙂 My dear husband surprised me with this beautiful set for our 25th wedding anniversary. I had no idea that he was going to be buying me a new ring (I lost 2 previous rings) and I almost fainted when I opened the box and there was a canary diamond!! I only wear it when I’m not selling jewelry as I don’t want to take my rings off at work – I’m guarding these with my life 🙂
Jan in CA is asking about Wigs! Yes, HSN is going to introducing a new line of wigs in 2010. I can’t give you the details yet, but the woman bringing in the wigs is fabulous and the styles are beautiful – stay tuned!
Lois in IL – I always enjoy your comments! I love the idea of cowboy jewelry (you may know that I’m a huge country music fan)! If I could sing – I would have made a good rhinestone cowgirl! You also asked about “Dancing With the Stars” – I do love to dance, but trust me – I would dislocate something if I ever tried some of the moves they perform on that show!
I also appreciate you nice comments about my Mom – I read her your nice message and she was tickled pink!
Kathleen in PA is asking about Dichroic glass from Mexico. It sounds interesting – I will ask our buyers if they have ever found any in their travels.
Susan in TN is looking for my large CL Smokey quartz ring….Yes, it wll be back, but not until March 2010 – I promise it will be worth the wait!!
That’s it for now….Thanks for all the great feedback – I will check back often so let me know what’s on your mind.
Take care, C

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