Best Backyard BBQ Tips

Finally, it’s time to put away cocoa mugs and break out the margarita glasses, because it’s barbecue season! Whether you’re into old-fashioned burgers or fancy salmon steaks, the only thing you really need to enjoy your outdoor space is a plan.
Whether you’ve got a sprawling lawn, a postage stamp sized yard or just a balcony – you can get yourself ready for some great grilling.
If you’re hoping to entertain a big crowd this summer, consider investing in a fast-heating gas grill that packs a lot of storage space and gets the job done quickly. This way your guests won’t be lining up around the grill, waiting for their burger to be cooked.  If you’re operating on a smaller scale, there are some affordable and adorable charcoal grills on the market that will get the job done right for your more intimate cookouts.
And to make sure you can enjoy your own shindig, prepare your food the night before. Get sides desserts out of the way and ready to go. The only items that really need same-day prep are meats and mixed drinks. Put anything that’s not part of the food prep inside the home or under a nice shade umbrella to keep things cool and to keep people mingling and moving.
Lastly, here are some extra touches:
–          Have a fun, dynamic, summer time music playlist playing.
–          Skip the old tiki torches and hang an outdoor chandelier or some solar powered lanterns – especially if you plan on having the festivities go from light to dark.
–          Add a little healthy competition like a game of corn hole or even word games like Mad Libs. BBQs are about eating, and having fun!
–          Think: colorful. Plain white paper plates, dishes, and table top accessories are boring. Hit the web and shop around. Go wild!

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