Benefit Beauty Gals Answer Your Beauty Questions

When-to-Watch: Catch Benefit Beauty on air February 16th at 6 & 11 A.M. and February 17th at 3 A.M.& 8 P.M.
The Benefit gals joined us for a live chat on Twitter this week to answer every beautynista’s most pressing beauty questions. Here’s what you may have missed:
Q: I really love Erase Paste, but sometimes during the day it seems to “cake”. I blend with fingers. Any tips?
A: @FaceFixers Erase paste is really concentrated so make sure you aren’t using too much. Could try a blush too.

Q: Do you know what time it (Boing) will air?
A: @Sbeauty317 Wed-6am and 11am, Thurs – 3am, 8pm. All EST

Q: BenefitBeauty: @HSN_Official What is your desert island Benefit product? #BenefitHSN
A: @HSN_Official: @BenefitBeauty Our #BenefitHSN desert island product would have to be Benetint. We use it everywhere, everyday!
Q: @babybabylemon no way! What do you love about it? (Boi-ing Full Coverage Concealer)
A: It is the only thing that kept me from looking like a zombie when I had a newborn. Coverage, easy of use and staying power.
Q: I’m in a wedding in March. What’s a good makeup look for a bridesmaid?!
A: @JillianRaeS All wedding makeup should be clean and classic. Brown smoky eye with gloss and lots of primer to keep it on
Q: Maggie – I’m a friend of @dale_sarah ‘s.I LOVE Benefit! I’m curious about your feelings on wearing masacara on bottom lashes
A: @msalmanowitz @dale_sarah HI!! Absolutley always wear mascara on the bottom. Make sure its waterprrof
Q: I can’t live with out Boing in 01!! Don’t ever stop making it! #BenefitHSN Its seriously the only thing that matches my skin.
A: @idesignart08 Nope tomorrow at 6am, 11am and Thurs 3am and 8pm EST
Q: GAH! Why on earth are @BenefitBeauty discontinuing “Honey snap out of it!” scrub?! I died a little when I found out, today!
A: @StevieAddicott That is a great product but not to worry, we have something MAJOR in the works for the scrub-a-holics. 😉

Q: BenefitBeauty: Who’s gotten their hands on Bella Bamba?! It’s beyond #BenefitHSN
I have Bella Bamba! It’s fantastic, brightens my drab winter complexion up. 🙂
A: @katipettit1 I know, don’t you love the gold tones in it?
Q: Can @benefitbeauty recommend waterproof items makeup at the beach?
A: @InsiderAna Bad Gal waterproof and Benetint are the best… we are selling both of those tomorrow on HSn check it out!!!
Q: What’s hsn?
A: @mrscrosstobe GIRLLLL Home Shopping Network!
HSN is on tv here in the US but they also have a great website! Check it out tomorrow to see our deals! Editor’s Note: At this time we only ship within the
Q: Any new products coming out soon?
A: @EvanTWilliams @HSN_Official always!! if you haven’t seen our new Bella Bamba check out HSN on Thursday or on!
Q: Will Stay Don’t Stray Eye Primer help with eyeshadow creases?
A: @lamcdonald OHHH YES that is what it is made for! check it out on
Q: What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever gotten?
A: @HSN_Official Laughter is the best cosmetic so grin and wear it- Jean Ford, my mom #benefitHSN

Q: Looking for an update to my normal routine. Any eye makeup look you think is a must to try?
A: @AbbyPem always start with Stay don’t Stray.. and check out Bad gal mascara nd waterproof liner.all on HSN tomorrow and
Q. LOVE your beauty line! What is your favorite Benefit product?
A. @seafoodNsunsets Ohhh that’s hard… all brow products, stay don’t stray, BOING, Benetint, Hoola. everything haha
HSN_Official: Ever wonder how @BenefitBeauty got their start? Check out the story behind this cult-beauty fave: The Story Behind Benefit.
Want more? Search #BenefitHSN in Twitter for the entire live chat, and be sure to follow @BenefitBeauty and @HSN_Official for more beauty events like this one.
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