Behind the Scenes of Heidi’s Master Clasp

Being in the jewelry making business for over 30 years, I’ve seen lots of trends come and go, and made lots of beautiful pieces. Hundreds of pieces every year for thirty years, you do the math! My design history is full of pieces I’m proud of, but only a select few whose creation made me feel like I’d struck gold. Maybe 4 times in my entire jewelry career have I been hit by such an ah-ha moment as with this incredible, transformative piece. This showstopper really brought out the inventor in me, and once you see it I think you’ll know exactly what I mean.


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This Heidi’s Master Clasp Necklace is so rare and special; I’m going to patent it! You can wear it ten entirely unique ways, giving you endless distinctive and special looks with just one piece. How many pieces in your jewelry box can do that? You can wear this beauty as a bracelet, a necklace, or a belt, and completely customize the length, width and amount of embellishment you want to wear each time you put it on. Double it up around your neck or wrist, add extra glitz or keep it simple; you become the jewelry designer every time you decide to wear this piece, and you decide how you’d like it to look, each and every time. I love the idea of you gals getting creative with my Heidi’s Master Clasp, and really making it your own! I know the women who wear my jewelry have different styles, preferences, and jewelry wardrobe needs, and I’m excited and confident that this piece will fill every niche and role, and become a timeless piece in your jewelry wardrobe.


How To Wear The Bracelet


When naming my pieces, I usually gather the amazing gals on my team, and we have such a ball coming up with funny puns and cute names, usually over champagne with lots of giggles! But with such an important, multifaceted, and truly unique piece as this, I knew something more monumental was in order. Heidi’s Master Clasp affirms the importance of this special piece in every woman’s jewelry collection. Master plan is defined as a comprehensive or far-reaching plan of action, and much in the same way, my Heidi’s Master Clasp will serve as the comprehensive foundation to your jewelry wardrobe, for years and years to come.


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I hope my Heidi’s Master Clasp becomes one of my classic jewelry collection cornerstones. I hope that every time you dress yourself in this piece, you carve out a little time just for yourself, and think about what you want, and how you want to wear it. I hope you’re reminded to invest in yourself and your passions, and to get creative with this piece, making it your own each time you add it to your ensemble. All you girls are unique and amazing in so many different ways, and I hope all the options in my Heidi’s Master Clasp help you embrace these beautiful differences!


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This special piece is the ideal holiday gift for absolutely every girl on your list. You can feel confident that the recipient of this piece will find endless beautiful ways to wear it. For all the gentlemen out there, you won’t find a lovelier or more thoughtful gift for the special ladies in your life! And if you’d like to take things into your own hands, and not leave it up to fate, I hope you can treat yourself to this stunning, timeless investment piece, and wear it in happiness and good health for years to come!


Xoxo Heidi

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