Be Museum-Worthy with Spring Fashion’s "Fine Arts" Look

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Magazines, websites, and retailers are all proclaiming, “Spring is here” while the majority of the country is still in polar vortex mode. Have no fear! While you’re waiting to thaw, there are still endless ways to inject a dose of spring into your transitioning wardrobe.


Our second trend of the season and my personal favorite, “Fine Arts” is all about floral, artsy, and graphic prints. Your are only limited by the boundaries of your imagination! Read on for some tips and get ready to be “suitable-for-framing” fabulous!


My favorite element of this blog series is showcasing HSN fashion on real women! This is Erica, one of our lead TV stylists. The print on this Hal Rubenstein a-line dress is truly museum-worthy! It’s uber-flattering thanks to graphic lines running vertically up and down the dress, elongating Erica’s hourglass figure. The abstract floral print is also in proportion to her frame. In other words, Erica is wearing the dress rather than the dress wearing Erica. Whether with bare legs and heels or paired with tights and booties, this look is the eponymy of the “Fine Arts” trend.

Spring Fashion Fine Arts Trend


Head-to-toe not your vibe? Anchor a cool, monochromatic look with a bold, printed bag! Resident handbag designer Sharif set the tone by kicking off spring fashion with a beautiful floral print satchel today’s special. The response was exceptionally positive! My insider tip…there are only a handful left. Run to and snag one before it’s too late!

Spring Fashion Fine Arts Trend


What’s black and white and fierce all-over? SHOES! Add some visual interest to your spring look with a pair of graphic heels. Since they are anchored in neutrals, these monochromatic styles will seamlessly integrate into your closet favorites.

Spring Fashion Fine Arts Trend


The right jewelry can truly elevate and personalize your style. With bold apparel, I like to balance my look with some clean, architectural stacked rings. Other times, the jewelry is the focus and piece of art. I am absolutely crazy about this brooch from HSN favorite, Joan Boyce! Be a queen bee and add this pin to your favorite piece of outerwear and ta-dah, you’re “Fine Arts” ready!

Spring Fashion Fine Arts Trend


Above all else, I love that the items in “Fine Arts” and all the apparel at HSN is designed and developed for real women. We truly are the shopping destination for all-sizes. Be unique. Be the best you. Be a museum-worthy!

Spring Fashion Fine Arts Trend


So, here’s the question. A little or a lot. Head-toe-prints: all the way or passé?


Join the conversation and share your thoughts!


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