Be Bold and Brave With The Right Bronzer

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We’re all on board with a healthy blush but when the color wheel turns to bronze most of our makeup brushes steer clear. Examples of not-so-subtle glittery cheeks or bold, orange glows have given bronzers a bad rap but we’re here to start with a clean slate. The key to getting a natural-looking beach glow is knowing how to pick the right bronzer for your skin tone. Try these tips for your skin tone that will make you a bronzed believer.


1. Bronzers For Fair to Light Skin

Bronzer for Fair To Light Skin

If you have a porcelain complexion then you will want a bronzer that is very sheer and free of yellow or brown tints. These shades are too heavy for fair skin but you can still achieve a glowing look with other options. Select a bronzer that is a pale rose, peach tone, or a lightly luminous gold. Powders are easy to lightly apply, but liquids can also be diluted with foundation for a subtle effect. Try this rose-gold bronzer by Jay Manuel Beauty to lightly accentuate the apples of your cheeks face and add a hint of shimmer. Another great option for fair skin is the Snow Bunny Bronzer from Too Faced.


2. Bronzers For Medium to Olive Skin

Bronzer for Medium to Olive Skin

Medium skin tones can choose bronzers with a heavier brown palette and with warmer undertones of red. Some of the best shades to try will be neutral-toned bronzers and taupe hues. When in doubt about selecting a color a safe choice is to go with a bronzer that is one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone. This copper-toned bronzer is a good medium for adding bronze with a hint of blush. Apply it with a large brush to where the sun would naturally tan your face for a realistic look. For another option with an added light shimmer finish try the Golden Bronzer by Trish McEvoy.


3. Bronzers For Tan to Dark Skin

Bronzer for Tan to Dark Skin

Even women with deeply tanned skin can benefit from a great bronzer. Choose options in dark reddish bronze and golden-chocolate hues to make skin really glow with an inner warmth. Trying to play it safe with too light of a bronzer can actually make skin look dry and ashen. This deep brown bronzer is perfect for contouring the face and should be lightly applied in sweeping motions along the cheekbones, to the temples and forehead, chin, and along the bridge of the nose. Deeper skin tones can also follow up a bronzer with blush on the apples of the cheeks. For another option with different dimensions of color and shine try the Nefertiti Golden Patina by Signature Club A.


Experimenting with new makeup and techniques is perfect for the weekend when we can have that wonderful lazy Sunday. What does your weekend beauty routine entail?

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