Be A Mix Master with Fabrics in your Wardrobe

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Mixing complementary colors is a fun way to revitalize your wardrobe, but when was the last time you tried to mix clothing fabrics? Layering on different types of fabric creates a unique energy around your outfit as it’s less noticeable than color and so spins a little puzzle for the eye to figure out. I recommend picking one color scheme to help keep unity between all the variety of textures. Don’t be afraid to mix really opposing styles like sheer lace with jean, woven with leather, and so forth. Passerby’s will stop and admire your clever handiwork.


Faux Leather


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An easy opt in for this fabric trend is a leather jacket, which happen to be quite popular right now, but if you want to step it up a notch try on a pair of leather pants. NENE By Nene Leakes has a sleek faux leather legging with ponte back that will hug your legs the way styled leather should. It’s moto wear meets high fashion, and adds some intrigue beyond our go-to styles. Add this Alexandria Pebbled Tote by Danielle Nicole to set the leather off under all your top layers.


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Placed against leather tame cotton will suddenly pop, in a great way.  Since it’s still cold outside, break out this Drape-Front Duster Cardigan also from NENE. The long front of this sweater is bold so it won’t be overshadowed by the rest of the outfit.


Woven & Suede


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Leather is another easy option when it comes to footwear, but I’ve also heard that if something is more complicated it just means that it’s worth it. With that in mind, why not try a woven-fabric shoe? Steve by Steve Madden has a “Betsi” Woven Fabric Wedge Comfort Shoe that will highlight your feet with their chic pattern. Another option with emphasis on detailing  is Steve’s “Patzee” Suede Fringed Ankle Bootie, that will add a funky element to your outfit while remaining dressed up.


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An old staple that can still be reinvented to look completely different from one outfit to the next. Pair a jean shirt with a leather skirt and it looks so effortlessly cool. If you want a piece that you can get a lot of mileage out of though, a jean legging is also a great option. Diane Gilman makes a wonderful line of superstretch denim jeans in a range of fun colors that can keep up with your busy schedule without wearing out.


What’s your favorite fabric to wear and why?

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