Be A Brow Guru with These Eyebrow Sculpting Tips

Be A Brow Guru with These Eyebrow Sculpting Tips

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Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that, for the first time, we secretly swiped a pair of tweezers from our mother’s medicine cabinet and took our first forays into eyebrow sculpting. If only we had the pro tips and tools of beauty experts then that we do know. C’est la vie! But we can make up for lost time by learning all the best tricks of the trade today. Become a master of shaping, filling and defining your brows for a sleeker, more natural, beautiful look.


Some of us are naturally endowed with thicker, fuller eyebrows but contrary to popular belief, fullness is only part of the practice. Eyebrow shape actually plays a much larger role in how our brows will look, and we can easily give them a finishing touch with brow pencils, gels, or powders. But before we grab those pencils here are some important eyebrow shaping and sculpting rules:


1. Get The Right Start

No matter the overall shape you are striving for you should start your brow in only one place: aligned with the bridge of your nose. This will keep your brows appearing natural and symmetrical with your eyes.


2. Map Your Path

Have you ever tried to free draw a line without using a ruler? It usually ends up looking a little funny, right? Your brows deserve better than that. Before you start plucking away lightly fill in your brows with a makeup pencil in the eyebrow shape you’re working towards. This will help you stay true to shape and realize exactly how much hair needs to be removed.


3. Get A Little Lift

If you’re not someone with long or curly eyebrow hair you may have never realized the difference in appearance that the way how our eyebrows hair lays can make on the bigger picture. For surprise and effect try using a spoolie brush to brush your eyebrow hairs upwards. You’ll find that this simple change not only make your brows look more voluminous but also sleeker.


4. Tweeze Carefully

When it comes time to let those tweezers get to flexin we can easily become overzealous and think that more is more. The best advice is to never pluck above the brow, follow the map you laid out for yourself earlier, and do take frequent breaks to stop and check your handiwork. Slant-tipped tweezers are preferred for greater precision and accuracy.


5. Fill Any Gaps

After finishing up with tweezing stray hairs, hold your tweezers lengthwise across your brow bone, right where the bottom of the brow starts. Look across your brow at the level where the tweezers lay and see if there are any open spots. Gaps along the bottom portion of the brow should be carefully filled in with a tool like the Ready To Wear Brow Pen & Brow Extension Duo to create a clean, full look.

Ready To Wear Brow Pen & Brow Extension Duo


What’s one of your pro tips for flawlessly sculpted brows?

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