Banish Dry Winter Hair By Doing These Three Things

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Finally we’ve had a few warmer days in New York! With spring just around the corner, here are a few simple tricks to get your hair in shape.

Moisture Therapy
The biggest problem I hear from clients after the winter, is their hair feels dry and damaged. Now is the perfect time to use products that will hydrate and revive your hair from the cold.
I just launched Keratin Rx, a genius new product that is so effective in transforming your hair to soft, smooth, and healthy. You know Keratin is the hottest salon treatment today. So I was able to create a take home treatment that gives hair all the benefits with one light spray! You will instantly feel the results!
This is also the best product for the spring and summer! As the weather gets hotter and more humid, your hair will naturally become more oily. To balance out the moisture, you can condition less often and target the lengths of the hair rather than the scalp.
Many of my clients who have finer hair, actually use Keratin Rx in place of the thick conditioning winter treatments.

Cropped Cuts
Shorter styles are the big trend for spring. And after the cold, dry winter months, it’s the perfect time to take an inch or two off your lengths or try a new cropped style. A textured, layered bob is a great look. Scarlett Johansson tried the look at the Academy Awards, and Jennifer Aniston just got the new style! It will grow out just in time for the hot summer months when you want your hair long enough to pull pack or let loose and wavy.

If you’re not ready to go short, try getting some longer layers to frame the face and give you a fresh look. A couple sprays of Mineral Spray will texturize and lift your layers.
Healthy Highlights
Many people go lighter for spring because it brightens up the face. If you spend a lot of time outside, the sun will naturally give you soft highlights. Protein-enhanced conditioners will help to maintain the natural strength and moisture in the hair and a light shine spray will bring out the color! Smooth Fix is a summer must-have!
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