Balinese Jewelry That Inspires Our Next Vacation

Balinese Jewelry That Inspires Our Next Dream Vacation

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During summer the thought of vacation is never far from our minds. If your Instagram feed is full of travelers snapshots of endless white beaches, tropical rainforest, or bustling cities than Bali might be your ideal getaway. Bali is an island and province of Indonesia known for all of these tourist charms and one other specialty: jewelry. Ancient Balinese techniques for metal working have made the island a longtime jeweler’s destination. One of our favorite collections,Bali Designs by Robert Manse, used these Balinese styles to inspire his line.


1. Traditional Scrollwork

Citrine Sterling Silver Scroll Ring

Scrollwork is an ornamental element of design that uses spirals. They are created to resemble the edge-on view of a rolled parchment scroll. These incomplete circles and spirals are a popular flourish used in Balinese jewelry. This Citrine Sterling Silver Scroll Ring features this technique and is also a fine example of the skilled manipulation of silver and gold. The citrine gem of this ring is glossy, yellow quartz that certainly pairs well with the bright energy of Bali.


2. Finely Layered Silver

Multigem Sterling Silver Slider Pendant Necklace

Cultural history dictates that the Balinese learned their metalworking skills directly from the gods then passed down their tradition from one generation to the next. The Balinese style of scrollwork is made possible from their delicate granulation technique of carving and layering metals. Stylized silver has been a sought after commodity in Bali for hundreds of years, and the discovery of gold within the country fueled the jewelry trade further. This Multigem Sterling Silver Slider Pendant Necklace shows off the delicate silversmith traditions of Bali, accentuated by colorful gems like blue topaz, pink rhodolite, and amethyst.


3. Stylized Gems

Pear-Shape Peridot Sterling Silver Earrings

For being an island, Indonesia has modernized rapidly with trade and the influence of neighboring countries. The increased use of colorful gemstones is a testament to the influence of larger countries like China. China is actually the oldest civilization known to have practiced jewelry making. The glint of gold in these Pear-Shape Peridot Sterling Silver Earrings is also perfect for the summer as Peridot is the representative gemstone of August. With the consistently tropical climate of Bali, these earrings are the perfect accessory year round.


What’s your favorite piece of jewelry you’ve collected while traveling?

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