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Shopping at HSN is great. Working at HSN is amazing! Before I became a Host, I was a customer just like you. Seeing behind the scenes with insider access has always been one of the goals of my blog. Have you ever had backstage passes at concert? Fun, right?

Well here are some behind the scene photos from our recent jewelry shows that I thought you would enjoy.

It takes so many talented people to put together a live show. Very few tv stations are live these days 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are and we LOVE it! In order to work at HSN, you have to bring your A game, and part of that is skill, adrenaline and passion. That goes for everyone –Hosts, Crew, Merchants, our award-winning Customer Service Representatives, the Makeup Artists. Everyone! Have you heard the Hosts talking to their Producers on air? Their voices are in an earpiece we wear called an IFB ( I have no idea what that stands for..). They are coordinating with the entire live crew the show you see at home. One person who’s name you may have heard spoken a lot is ROCKY. Rocky, Rocky, Rocky…I think he would make a great Host, but for now he is behind the camera.  I wanted to give you a face to go with the name!
Before the shows it is sometimes really relaxed or sometimes very rushed. Here is a moment right before a recent Gold show with Jeanette and Monica – they are two of our Visual Coordinators. Visual Coordinators are on “the floor” with the Host and the Floor Director to make sure every product shines. In the case of a jewelry show, you can take that idea literally. Cheers! Caffeine is part of our DNA :).
On the set with Visual Coordinator MonicaOn set with Monica and Jeannette
At the end of one Host’s show block the next Host is often on the set or in another studio giving you a sneak peak of what is coming up in the next hour. Here Adam Freeman and I are wrapping up a “walk on” where I literally walked on his set to show you what I had coming up during the next segment.  He is so genuine and kind in case you were wondering.

We were even just voted as one of the top ten places to work in the Tampa Bay area. If  you want to move to Florida and work for an incredible company, come to HSN. Why not?!  I adore HSN and am so grateful to work with you. Seriously, I have the best job and the best customers. I hope you can say the same thing about yours. I truly wish that for you.

Spring is always my luckiest part of the year. Yup, I have a portion of the year that is lucky. Is that weird? It might be the stars, it might be coincidence (don’t believe in them though). This year is proving to be especially lucky. Sometimes you have to make your own luck. Sometimes it is simply a blessing..

May you be blessed and lucky this Spring and beyond!


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