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I woke up this morning and realized it was April 1st. Knowing all my friends as I do, I won’t be too shocked if I get a few prank e-mails or phone calls during the course of the day.

This is always a special time of the year for me. Everything starts to bloom again and Mother Nature brings everything back to life with lots of color. It also means the snows will melt in the high country and the ground will start to thaw. This is when my American mining friends will start gearing up to go work their claims. In Australia they are coming into their fall and now it’s going to start cooling off. Now is the time they also can start working their claims. So I look forward to all the new materials that will be available to us hopefully in the near future.

Ready for takeoffReady for takeoff

I just got back from a very long but productive trip. One of the places I got to visit was Perth Australia. It was a short stay this time but got to see a lot of new materials, and make new friends. I’m making plans to go out and visit as many of the mining claims as I can and hopefully get some footage to share with everyone in the near future.

My visit to Perth started off with a midnight arrival at the airport; that was the only flight available into the airport that night, which made customs a breeze. I took a cab to the hotel, at that time we were the only ones out and about the town. The next morning my friend picked me up in his “ute”. This is an amazing little truck. It’s a four wheel drive diesel crew cab. It has a flat bed situated on the back. These little trucks are made for the outback and can carry all the extra gear for an extended trip to the mines. The short list of what you can always find in a “ute” is extra fuel, water, and five spare tires were just to name a few. Just for fun if you have a minute get out a map of Australia and go to the west coast and locate Perth. Then look north. You’ll see there’s almost nothing there. Hence, when you travel you’re on your own and need to be able to handle anything by yourself. This makes for a hardy breed of people who can turn a hand at almost anything.

If you ever have a chance to visit Perth I would do it in a minute. It has it all; beaches, rivers, and the most incredible parks you’ll ever visit. My favorite of course is King’s Park. I found this the grandest of them all.

So, here are a few things I want to let everyone know: ATTENTION for those of you who have requested clip-on earrings. I’ve designed our first round with five different materials. I’m not sure but I think we will have them for the July 24 hour event. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Next, Lapis bowls should be available for the May show for those of you who have been asking. These are handcrafted in Arizona and take a long time to produce. So I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

I just want to let everyone know how much I appreciate your comments and input. I do listen and care. I want everyone to know I can only answer your questions once or twice a month. So I’m sorry it takes a little time but we will answer them all.

My next show is April 10th and 11th and as usual we have lots of new and different designs and Mine Finds to show you. Hope to see you soon.

Safe travels,

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I have so much new and different coming up I can’t contain myself. J

Lilaine, CA
It’s a good idea but gold is at its all time high, I’m afraid you wouldn’t like the price. J
I have blue lace coming up for many shows, plus a new blue agate and possibly blue chalcedony. J
Gerry, MT
I am on April 10th and 11th, then the end of May. J
Bibbenpop, FL
Glad you are happy with them. I will see what I can do. J
Sandra, VA
I am hoping to one day does something like this; right now it’s not possible. We are working on a website. J
Monica, CA
They are coming in May, as far as I know. These are handcrafted by the same artist who made the turquoise bowls. J
Lisa. IN
No problem. J
Lisa. IL
There are always lots of deals to be had. Just remember buyer beware. Knowledge is power, so get a gem and mineral book for him. J
Earlene, FL
Great idea we have already bounced this around in the design group. We are looking at more interchangeables. J
Margie, NJ
I have no rough at this time. This is something I hope we can get again, but not sure when. Sorry! J
Barbara, CA
You must be spying on us, we are working on it. I actually used to make lots of gemstone watches. J
April 10th and 11th, then end of May. J
Okay Betty you will be the first to know, I have clip-ons coming in the July show. J
Donna, FL
The Nako is almost gone. I bought the last of it in Tucson this year. Once things have gone that’s it for now. Probably towards the end of the year. J
Gretchen, MD
I would make you a pair, but I don’t have rough right now. I am in the process of looking for more. J
Marianne, IL
Thanks, it’s hit or miss. Charite is almost impossible to get now. J
Gerry, MT
I’ll have many designs coming this year with that theme. J
Karen, MI
No problem. I think I like to do something for everyone if possible. J
Sandra, VA
The Lapis and Turquoise bowl is a thought, I’ll see, I have a big Malachite surprise on the way. We make our Jewelry I guess all over the world. All the silver comes from USA. J
We are always designing small, medium and large. Gold is at an all time high. The prices are just ridiculous now. Thanks for the ideas. J
Lori, TX
I’ll be back April 10th and 11th, thanks. J
Susan, CA
We’ll have more of these styles coming, J
Beverly, OH
Okay just so you know, you might want to tune into the July show for sure. Hint! Hint! J
Victoria, NV
The Lapis bowl should come out in May. J
Carol, AZ
Thanks for watching, you can never have enough jewelry, Tanzanite is a hard one to get bulk right now. J
Linda, MI
I am always looking and working. Boulder Opal is hard pickins now. Going back to Australia soon though. J
I know Colleens working on jewelry boxes. We have a large display case in our closet with a mirror door. J
Florence Penn, NC
Glad you enjoyed them. I have Rhodocrosite earrings in July. J
Coco, TX
Thanks for watching. I am making more rings now. Sizes are are always the problem. J
Its coming in May, I will keep you posted. J
Katherine, TX
We will have other designs this year. Thanks for watching. J
Beverly, OH
Okay I will keep this in mind. I always listen to your suggestions. J
Barb, TX
I have got new Agate from Brazil that’s going to blow you away. Also Mookite on its way. We just bought rough. J
Sue, MA
I have made them in the past, and I am thinking of doing some more designs. Pottery is very hard because it’s so fragile. J
Eva, OH
I’ll see what I can do, we are designing always. J
Colleen, AZ
Just go to Customer Service, keyword Jay King. It will tell you how to get a hold of us and we will take care of your earring. J
Lori, TX
All of our silver comes from the US; we make things all over the world. J
Kathy, TN
Thanks we have Lapis in the works, looking for rainbow cal-silica. J
Gracie, OH
I will keep it in mind. I have some designs already. J
Denise, OH
The Lapis bowl is coming in May, thank you so much. J
Karen, CO
The Lapis bowl is coming in May. Working on more Turquoise, I hope your husband knows what a find you are. J
We are working on more drops. J
Kathryn, GA
We would just have to look at it. If you go to Customer Service, keyword Jay King, it will tell you how to contact us. J
Thanks for your support. J
Found so many I had to buy new pants, my pockets just wouldn’t hold out. J
Thanks we make the most in size 7 because that’s the most requested. I’ll look at my size breakdown again. J

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