Autumn Collection






I’m already longing for…..

cool crisp days still warmed
by the sun……

long walks down country lanes…..

but most of all,
I look forward to the amazing
explosion of COLORS!!!

Therein lies my
inspiration for taking the
brilliant hues of autumn and
translating that into the rich,
vibrant vegetable dyes
and earth tones
you’ll want to wear with
our classic Jeans for Fall!!

You’ll love our leather &
suede touches….
our brilliant new not-so basic
Jean Jackets and our “feel-great”
Autumn into Winter
Sweater Collectibles!!!

Now add a touch of
comfy home-spun
embroideries and
unexpected patchworks
and you’ve got our
August Collection!!!!

So please join us in
a celebration of Fall & tune in
for our Autumn Fashion Hours
August 20th, 21st & 22nd!!!
Can’t wait!!!!!! See ya then….

Love and Kisses, Diane

My Favorite time of the year is Autumn!

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