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August is Gem Packed 
Thank you so much for being with me for my big Anniversary show! What a blast! The whole show was so special and certainly a highlight of my 10 years. It felt great to share with you some of my picks.  The big announcement was that I am officially now a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America!!!! It has been quite a journey – and thanks for all of your well wishes! Your support and good thoughts really helped. Even if I had never told a soul that I was going to go for this goal, I would have still done it. The experience has been so expanding and enlightening.
 Working and going to school at the same time was worth it. The courses were so interesting. The final course that I took is known as Gem Identification and it was by far the toughest. The infamous 20 stone exam is intense. They put 20 stones in front of you and say “go.” You need to identify their species, variety, whether or not they are synthetic, simulated and what kind of treatment they have had. You cannot get even 1 wrong. If you identify the stone properly, but record it on the form improperly, you have to take the test over again! I learned so much. I can’t wait to share my continued appreciation and education of the beauty of gems with you.
A couple of updates with you about upcoming shows – Jay King was kind enough to come in for my Anniversary show. Thank you, Jay! He has just finished a world tour and talks about it in his blog. Some of his new MineFinds will be highlighted during his weekend visit August 22nd – 24th. We will be together on Sunday morning, the 23rd at 10am EST. He has this beautiful purple stone called Alunite you have got to see. Have you noticed that he is also bringing in more earrings? Thanks for giving the necklace he made for “us” for the anniversary show such high ratings on I just knew you would love it. On August 27th at 10 pm, Designs by Veronica is going to be huge. She is so vivacious. I adore her personally and professionally. She has an hour of the hottest looks in organic, red carpet, bohemian Agate, slab style jewelry and of course, pearls! I want everything in the show for my own collection.
 Has Carol Brodie wowed you or what?. I just read her blog and learned so much more about her. Isn’t that Amethyst and Agate ring amazing? Be on the lookout for with Carol and her Rarities collection at HSN.
The month finishes with a bang with Gem Trends on August 31st – new and different along with classics with a twist. Love it!

Adam Freeman and I on the set co-hosting my
anniversary show. I am so glad he is at
HSN. He is a good man, friend and Host!
 Jay King always brings a smile to my face!
He was such a dear to come in for my
anniversary show. His big anniversary
is in October!!
My graduate gemologist diploma
I promised to answer your questions – 
Deborah, IL regarding the Nicky Butler bracelet and the planets associated with each stone. He is out of the country right now, but I am working on the answer to your question. He is probably approaching it from the Ayurvedic perspective, but I don’t want to speak for him. I promise to keep following  up on this. We have a designer in Technibond, Karen Bizer, who put together a Navratna collection. It is also based on the planets and gems from the ancients of India. 
Janet, CO – Lilac Quartz and Pink Amethyst can be from a variety of sources. We do try to put the source of the stones at the very least on anytime we can. Our gems go through a vigorous series of reviews from our Quality Assurance Department. Sometimes we can’t say which source a stone is from because they come from around the world.
Let’s say we bring in 100 Pink Amethyst rings. Most frequently, they are all going to be from the same source, but sometimes a gem house will have been gathering the rough material for years from a variety of mines around globe before they come to us. That is a long answer to your short question. Hope I answered it for you. 
Marsha, GA – Your Heidi Daus Serpent creations are year-round for sure. That turquoise color is amazing with winter whites, chocolate browns and everything in between! Enjoy! 

The comments and requests regarding Technibond have been sent directly to Adrienne, the Buyer. Great ideas!

Nora in FL, Jay can answer your question and you can get in contact with him by going  to the HSN FAQs page and search keyword Jay King. This will give you information to contact him directly.

That is it for now… 
Rock on! Love and Light,

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