August 2009

There’s No Place Like Home
Hi everyone. I’m back in New Mexico, and as Dorothy said, “there’s no place like home.” It’s always good to get back, to the “Land of Enchantment”. What a great time of the year – the green chili roasters have sprouted up all over town. I don’t think there is a more amazing smell than the aroma of roasting fresh green chili in the air. This is one of the first indications that fall is right around the corner.
We just returned from a long, but wonderful trip overseas. I was adding up the flying hours this morning, and as far as I can remember it took about seventy hours of sitting on a plane or in an airport to get to our final destination. I am always amazed at how long it takes to get from point “A” to point “B”. It’s a vast world we live in. Every time I venture out I always think I’ve seen it all and I won’t be able to find anything new. Yet I continue to be amazed by all the wonder that nature provides in what many might view as just “a rock.” This trip was extremely rewarding – we found some amazing materials. The best part is that several are perfect to accent the new fall fashion trends, at least that is what my team has told me. I know you can’t believe that I think about such things, but I really do, after all I am surrounded by women! It’s really fun to go on-air and show you our latest “Mine Finds”, but what’s really great is the memories it brings back of how we discovered them, which means I get to share the stories with each and every one
of you.

Trading with a local merchantMeeting of the minds
I won’t spoil the surprises and tell you everything we discovered, but I will tell you we were able to find some fabulous new and exciting “Mine Finds” that you will be seeing in future designs.
Later in the month I am back on the 22nd through the 24th with some tremendous late summer and fall “hits.” See you soon.

Safe travels, J

Answers to Questions:

I wanted to respond to the following people from my first blog. Because HSN has to protect your privacy we have had to come up with a way you can communicate with me directly. Please go to the HSN FAQs page and search keyword Jay King.This will give you the information on how to contact me directly. Thank you, look forward to hearing from you.
Allyssa, OH
I am sorry you are having a problem. Unfortunately we received some bad stringing product. We have corrected this matter as soon as we discovered it. Please write me and give me your personal information and I will contact you. J

Virginia, OK
We are always working on new rings. I’m sure we will have something that can go with what you have purchased down the road. The problem with rings is all the sizes we have to make. We have lots of rings coming up in the near future. J
We don’t have any plans now, but we are always making new crosses. J
Thanks, we had a few Compitos on this show. I have a small amount of rough now. Have not put it in a design yet. J
Barb, TX
We always look for new agate rough so the answer is yes. J
Judy, TX
I don’t have any rough now, but if you can write and give me a way to contact you, I will see what I can do. J
Donna, CA
Donna if you can write me with your personal contact information I will see what I can do. J
Barbara, IL
Wow design flashback! I know exactly how this cuff looked. I am working on with more Amber and Turquoise combo’s. J
Sherry, NJ
I’ve used ametrine in past designs. It’s very hard to get any quality and quantity of rough material. We are always looking though. .J
Carol, CA
It comes from a deposit in China called “Saddle Mountain”. It’s a long story. J
Paula, OK
Just as you know I bleed red, white and blue. I guess a story can better tell this story. A few years back I was sitting around a table playing poker with cowboy friends during a roundup. This subject came up, I said, ” I”ll bet any one of you $100.00 if you are not wearing anything not made in the USA”. Guess what, no one would bet me. I know how you feel, but it’s not reality in today’s environment. Just so you know I am responsible for “Chaco Canyon” on HSN. So if you want Native American jewelry please support the show. I do hear you. J
Beth, VA
Thanks, we are out of rough right now. J
Uneeda, MO
We will have something for you soon. J
Jo, NM
No, but have lots of friends there, NMSU was my hangout. J
Ann, UT
We are always doing something different. Answer is yes, down the road. J
Karen, FL
I just got back from filming the bowls being made. If you don’t get one, we will be bringing them back. Hopefully you get the first run. J
Nicole, AZ
Good question. So far all the white turquoise I have seen is not testing as turquoise. Always looking though. J
Bonnie, AZ
Okay, I will try and bring it back. J
Jeanette, FL
Please contact me in writing with your personal contact information, provided by HSN, and I will help you. J
Cathy, CA
Thanks you, gave me some cool new ideas. We always sneak things in. J
Beth, MI
Thanks, I’ll be 53 this month. I am glad you can wear our designs. J
Anne, NJ
Just write me with your personal contact information and we will take care of you. J
Azelle, Brown
Its hard because of price, but I’ll look for rough. J
Malgorzatta, NJ
We have had a lot of feed back on the bowls. It’s first come, on these. If you miss them we will be bringing more back. Thanks for the support. J
Karen, TN
Thanks I will mention this in the next design meeting. J
Janice, NM
Thanks, dinner would be nice. These are all hand made. 100 was almost impossible, we will be making more down the road. J
Deanna, OK
Thanks. J
Michele, FL
They are hand made in Arizona, so if you don’t get the first run, we will try and bring them back. J
Karen, LA
Thanks for watching. J
Keri, MD
All I can say is first come, first served on the bowls. We will try and bring more later on. We do a lot of smaller beads. J
Sherry, TX
Thanks for your support. J
We are working with Rhodonite rough now. Hopefully you will see something in 2010. Thanks for the support. J
Cheryl, PA
Thanks I really hope you enjoy it. J
I’ll try to incorporate some ball post findings into my designs. J
Linda, PA
Linda, please write me with your personal contact information, and we will try and help you out. J
I hear you and we are doing it. J
Jani, CA
We are limited on how many we can make. If you do miss out we will be making more. J
Lois, IL
Thanks, I wear clipons also…just kidding! I am always looking for new findings. J
Libby, RI
I can only make a few pieces a day. If you don’t get one I will make sure to make more, Thanks for your support, J
Colette, AZ
Its first come first served. We will make sure you get one, if you miss out. J
Janet, VA
You just have to research everything. Unfortunately not all the information I find is true, to my experience. Have fun. J
Knlandr, LA
Yes we will have more magnetic clasps. J
Nancy, CA
First come, first serve, we could only make a 100 for the first run. If you don’t get one, we will try and make more. J
Debbie, NE
No waiting list, if you don’t get one we will be making more. J
Gloria, NY
Sorry but no more black coral at this time. I don’t think I will ever be able to get it again. Sorry J
Iraide, MD
Thanks, I will try but white drusy might be a problem. J
Barbara, NE
Thanks, the store in Albuquerque, New Mexico…we will try and make more bowls. J
Shari, GA
We try hard to make the right amounts for each set. The bowls are hot, very limited, but we are trying to make more. J
Elisabeth, OK
We are working on a web site for stones. J
Mary TX
Thanks, you know if you are happy I am happy! we have a new store now. If you can’t find it then give us a call. J
Shari, GA
We don’t have any rough right now, but I am always looking. J
Pam, MA
Again first come, first serve. As everything we do, they are made one at a time by hand. We will make more down the road. Thanks for your support. J
Diane, WA
As far as I know October 3rd and 4th. Hope to see you then. J
Ruth, VA
Thanks, I am designing butterflies now J
Carol, GA
Thanks for your support. J
What I have seen as white turquoise has not tested as such. J
Lois, CA
Please write me with your personal contact information and I will try to make you happy. J
Joyce, PA
I can only think it was the Nako Turquoise. We have not been able to get any more. As of today, they are not allowing it to be mined. J
Gloria, CA
Thanks but we make them one at a time, we will keep making them but they are very limited. J
Ms Ricky, FL
Please write me with your personal contact information and I will take care of you. J
Samantha, CA
You guessed it. Spent last week filming the bowls being made. Don’t look to have the saganite any time soon. J
Dee, TX
Please write me with your personal contact information and I will take care of you. J
Meg, CA
Please write me with your personal contact information and I will take care of you. J
Barbara, NE
So far I have not seen white turquoise that tested out. The chalk I have seen is too soft. J
Sorry that was a one time buy, maybe down the road. J
Donna, AZ
Thanks I’ll keep your design ideas in mind. As always anything I do is affordable. The bowls will be a lot less than you can find them. J
Karen, TX
Thanks, I will keep it in mind.Watch out for Cozumel. I travel to Mexico a lot, and see a lot of fakes. J
Mary, GA
I’m working on Chrysucolla now. J
Deb, CO
No, most are not. We do use pressed, and it’s real… it is not as valuable as none pressed. A lot of what I see in the market is not real. J

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