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Greetings from the Colorado Rockies!
I’ve been spending the past few days enjoying a little spring skiing in glorious Aspen! The weather has been amazing and it’s really true – when you’re on top of these cathedral mountains you really feel like you can touch the sun!
Everything about the serene beauty of Colorado makes me feel blessed and happy to be alive!

Wish you were here! View from the top Après ski window shopping
As I type you this blog….I’m reminded that it was one year ago in March that I discovered the most amazing necklace in a small boutique right here in Colorado. Yes, along with the great skiing – I always manage to find time for shopping (I tell my husband I’m doing market research!). I’m always drawn toward handmade, artful design….and when I discovered a unique, handmade necklace last year, it was love at first sight! I coudn’t wait to show the original necklace to my friends at Himalayan Gems – if anyone could make this beautiful piece for HSN, I knew the women of Nepal would be the ones to ask!
Here we are, almost one year later, about to launch this lovely hand made treasure as a Today’s Special! Not only did we change the design, but everything about Our necklace is even more beautiful than the original! It was a true labor of love and I will be forever grateful to the wonderful women of Nepal who dedicated over 11 months of their time and skill to create these wearable works of art for us!
Be sure to join me and Andrew Stone, president of Himalayan Gems, on March 14th at midnight when we launch this very special Today’s Special!
Hand embroidered bead necklace from the Himalayan Kathmandu Valley New Prestige Necklace Box coming March 14!
Along with sharing lots of amazing jewelry from Nepal with you on March 14th, we will also be introducing a brand new designer to our Designer Gallery…
Nikki Gewertz, will be flying here from “across the pond” for the HSN launch of the highly coveted Lola Rose Collection! As one of the top designers in London, Nikki’s award winning jewelry is found in the finest stores and is worn by some of the most famous women in the world. I can’t wait for you to meet Nikki and see her fabulous jewelry. If you’re a girl who loves genuine gemstones and bold, sleek, statement pieces – get ready for Lola Rose to knock your socks off!
Lola Rose Lapis and Crystal “Pom Pon” ring! Lola Rose Exotic Peruvian Agate Necklace My favorite Lola Rose “Paula” ring and “Chelsea” bracelet
I can’t wait share all of this beautiful jewelry with you on March 14th…until then I’ll be singing it from the mountaintops!
See you soon!

Answers to February Questions:

I’m playing “catch up” answering your questions!  Sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you – I love hearing from you so keep your questions, comments and ideas coming!

FourS in MI
– Thank you for your sweet message!  I’m happy to hear you love Larimar as much as I do.  I’ll be sure to ask my buyer if we can reorder the pendant you’re looking for 🙂

Erika in MI
– The ring you are asking about is by Nikki Gerwirtz from London.  She’s a brand new designer who will be launching her Lola Rose collection on HSN Sunday, March 14th at 7:00 pm.  You can find her collection now on!

Robyn in NJ
– The earrings you’re asking about are not on order, but I will ask to have them to be brought back – Thanks for asking!

Jamsine in FL
– We have many more jewelry boxes coming soon in great spring colors.  Look for our new necklace box and wide band ring box coming March 14th.

Yvonne in FL
– I absolutely love Murano Glass!  I will ask our buyers about Murano crosses – I want one, too!

Sundance in MS
– I will be sure to forward your request to our buyers…..I promise we will work on more bracelets for petite wrists like yours!

Seema in CA
– These are excellent suggestions.  I will speak to our box design team about a new earring and bangle box that is just one level – and better for stacking.  Great suggestions!

Debbi in MA
– Yes, I will pass on your suggestion about Moissonite to our buyer – stay tuned!

Sharon in OR – The necklace box will be here Sunday March 14th at 7pm – can’t wait to show it to you!

Linda in TX
– We’re always looking for new box ideas so keep your suggestions coming!

Shirie in OH
– Don’t you love the tunic tanks??  I wear mine all the time….and I’ll tell our buyer we need more white!

Gail in FL
– I will be sure to pass your Huggable Hanger suggestion to Joy – she loves hearing your comments and ideas!

Kathy in IL
– You are too funny!  I’m not sure if the “Minny Pearl” look (tags hanging everywhere) would go over big with my bosses!  The top you’re asking about is one I will show to my buyer to see if we can do something similar for My Favorite Things….Thanks for watching!

Laura in NY
– I’m glad you like my watch!  It’s coming in May as part of My Favorite Things 🙂

Lolo in IL
– Thanks for your message – keep on shining!

Debbie-Lisa in NY
– Thanks for your message.  The necklace you are asking about is made of beautiful glass beads and is coming up March 14th (at midnight!).  Hope you can watch!

Michelle in PA
– The necklace you’re asking about is photographed above….Hope you can watch this Sat. night (Sunday at midnight)!

Erika in OH
– The sweater you’re asking about is one I found in Paris a couple years ago….I’ll have to show it to our buyers to see if we can do something similar.  The necklace is coming soon!

Beverly in AL
– I’m thrilled to hear you love my jeans!  The white jeans (that I love and wear all the time on the air) will be back for our April My Favorite Things show!

Melissa in OH
– You have a good eye!  You’re asking about my Anniversary Dress and the answer is yes!  I will be sure to ask our buyer to bring it in purple and maybe red, too!

Lisa in OH
– I hope  you’ll be home on Saturday night (March 13th) at 11:00 pm eastern because that’s when we’ll be launching the new wide band ring box…..I think you’ll love it!

Mary in KY
– I’m thrilled to hear you’re enjoying the dog pins!  I’m bringing them back in way along with 10 new breads!!

Gretchen in TX
– I will speak to Marianna and Richard and our buyer about offer a better earring selection to match the other Sajen pieces.  Look for more earrings from them in the future!

Cara in CA
– Thanks so much for your message.  We have had many requests for size 4 rings….I will forward your suggestion to our buyers!

Karleen in MI
– I will forward your request for more size 5 shoes!

Denise in LA
– Yes, we found more gorgeous Larimar in Tucson!  We hope to bring it to you in the next few months for our Designer Gallery shows…..stay tuned!

Abigail in HI
– Aloha! I’m delighted to hear you’re enjoying your beautiful jewelry!

Lily in CA
– I will forward your request for the bracelet box to our buyers – Hope we’ll be able to bring it back by this summer!

Joan in FL
– I hope you’re enjoying your Herkimer “Diamond” – they’re so unique and organic – I love wearing mine!  I will continue to keep our jewelry in mind when choosing tops for My Favorite Things!

Lynn in FL
– Be sure to watch Saturday, March 13th at 11:00 pm for the new ring boxes!

June in CA
– Be sure to check our our earring box available now on – just click on My Favorite Things!

Carol in MO
– I will let our buyer know you would like to see the Sajen Silver carved dolphin come back in stock.

Nancy in TX
– You’re right…the Herkimer’s sold out so fast we never really had a chance to explain the stones or tell the whole story.  When Deb comes back with more Herkimer “diamonds” we’ll be sure to have more time (and more stones) to talk about them!

Pat in IL
– This is an excellent suggestion and I will forward your message to our gem buyers.  Thank you!

Traci in NC
– I’m working on that ring, Traci!!  It’s truly amazing – the challenge is getting enough quantity for HSN – I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Iraida in MD
– Great box suggestion – I will talk to box buyers about bringing in something for pins.

Julie in GA
– I remember the gorgeous cross you are asking about!  It was buy Studio Barse – I’ll ask the buyer is this is something Barse can bring  back in stock – it’s amazing!

Pam in OH
– I’m thrilled to hear you love the Athena top – I love mine, too and I wear it often!  I will ask about bringing it back in new colors – what colors would you like to see?  You also asked about the colorblock tops – and you’re correct – the tops did not make it for the show.  To be honest, the tops did arrive, but the quality was not to the standards of the original tops.  I was very disappointed and will not be working with this manufacturer again!  I am planning on bringing it back later in the season (from a new fabulous manufacturer!).

Cheryl in CO
– I am not sure when these shoe brands will be back – but I’ll let our buyers know you’re looking for them!

Gloria in Dabert
– If you go to you can email her company and find out if they received the bracelet.  I’m sure it will work out!

Devi in IN
– The box will be here Sunday, March 13th….I promise it will be worth the wait!

Rosemary in NJ
– I will talk to our buyers to offer more box choices in the size you’re looking for – thanks for your suggestion!

Cindy in AZ
– I’m so happy you are happy with your Nautical top – I’m sure you look fabulous wearing it!!  And, yes…I love country music!

Sarin in VA
– The necklace you’re asking about will be here this Saturday night (March 14th – Sunday, actually) at midnight!  It’s an amazing necklace!

Beth in MI
– Thank you for the compliment!  I love the Lancome Renergie Lift foundation – I wear it everyday and I just love the results!  Give it a try!

Joey in IL
– You are so kind – thanks for your nice compliments – you made my day!

Marianne in CL
– If you go to My Favorite Things on you will find all the Prestige boxes including a box dedicated to storing earrings!

Rita in FL
– I will be sure get your message to Victoria Wieck – she’s so talented and loves to hear feedback from her customers!

Linda in OK
– Yes, I will be sure to pass on your suggestion to bring back the rings you’re looking for – I hope you can get this beautiful set!

Georgia in GA
– The hand care kit you are asking about is Hemp by Perlier – you can find many of the Hemp products right now on  They’re wonderful and really make a difference!

Mirza in NJ
– Thank you for letting me know how much you love your gorgeous marchasite pearl ring – wear it in good health!

Donna in IL
– I’m sure you look amazing wearing those pearls!  I’ll get to work on more in the longer lengths/colors!

Linda in NJ
– You are such a sweet person – thanks for all your kind words.  I hope you were watching the night I worked with Heidi Daus and told her about “Linda in New Jersey’s”  new years resolution – she loved it!!
I have to say, I’m really loving my tunic tanks, too – so versatile!  Stay in touch and thanks for being the wonderful person you are!  PS – Hope you found something fab by the amazing Randolph Duke!

Margaret in CA
– Wow – we’ve been shopping together a long time!  I have such fond memories from my CVN days!  I’ve lost touch with Carmela over the years, but I believe she’s still living in the Twin Cities with her  beautiful family.

Libby in RI
– Yes, the deep jewelry boxes will be back by summer!

Helen in PA
– I hope you love your pretty shawl collar sweater!  I’ll be sure to pass on your request to Victoria Weick.

Lynn in OH
– I love Nicky Butler and I will be sure to forward your request to Nicky’s buyer!

Tina Marie in MI
– I will let our buyers know you are looking for Stella Chow jewelry to return!

Christine in CA
– We’ve had many requests for an earring box like you’ve described (great minds think alike!).  We’re working on it for you!

Pattie in OH
– I spoke with our buyers about bringing back black boxes with Pink lining – and the answer was yes!  We’ll be bringing them back in several choices in the future.  Thank you for sending me such a nice note!

Rita in MO
– The bracelet you’re wrote about is truly one of my favorites!!  I love mine and it still looks perfect!  I will work on bringing in more of this look (in new colors) in the future – thank you!

Amrita in CA
– This is an excellent suggestion – what exact box size would work best for you?  Please send me dimensions!

Julie in MO
– The prism smokey quartz ring has been discontinued, but I will work on bringing in something equally as fabulous!

Susan in TN
– Yes, the ring you’re asking about is a made with clear quartz and a tanzanite dragonfly!  It will be here in May for My Favorite Things!

Adiaha in CA
– I’m working on  bringing my anniversary dress back in new colors for fall!

Lori in TX
– We have a great earring box on – type in My Favorite Things and you’ll find all the boxes we have in stock (including the earring box!)

Shelley in RI
– We have had many requests for size 2’s – I will let our buyers know we need to work on this!

Pat in MD
– I’m sorry to say that the top did not make it for the show.  The quality and fit were off – so we went back to the drawing board!  We’re working on getting it right for an upcoming show – thank you for your patience.

Sandy in NJ
– I will forward your suggestion to our jade buyer – hopefully we can help you replace your ring!

Michele in VA
– Neckace boxes are coming Sunday March 14th – stay tuned!

David in VA
– I’m so glad you love the Hemp cream (my husband and sons love the hand soap!).  I think Heidi Daus would love to work on a Genie bottle pendant!!  I’ll put her to the challenge!

I’ll be answering more questions soon – thanks for all your wonderful feedback!!
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