Anniversary Month

It’s Our Anniversary!
So Many Great Memories – Share Yours

Welcome to my April 2009 blog for HSN! April 2009? Where did the time go? This month marks my official 14th Anniversary with HSN. When I first took my place on the set at the HSN – back then, the Home Shopping Club – studios in 1995, I never imagined I would be still on the job 14 years later! I am very lucky to love what I do. I am passionate about beauty products, and I am dedicated to you – the women and men who have made Serious Skin Care the success it is today.
Many of you have been with Serious Skin Care for as long as I have … like my own experience with the line – Serious Skin Care has grown and evolved with you. My skin care needs are vastly different as a 40-year-old mother of 3 than they were when I was 26 and single. What’s amazing is that Serious Skin Care’s vast product assortment offers the right regimen for any stage of life. In March, we spoke to many HSN customers LIVE during the shows. Several callers identified themselves as in their 60s and 70s … yet, we had several more callers state their ages as 25, 29, 32, etc … even in the posts on our past blogs, every stage of life – and every possible skin care need – is represented. Serious Skin Care is all about growing with you.
Some of you made your first purchase just yesterday. I want to welcome each of you to what I feel is the most progressive and exciting Skin Care line available. I am confident that in fairly short order you will find for yourself WHY Serious Skin Care has been so successful and has endured for 14 years.
Starting April 23 and running through April 26, we will be celebrating our 14th Anniversary on HSN. We have so many terrific offers prepared for you; offers of top-quality beauty and color cosmetics, at unprecedented value in honor of our milestone.
Speaking of milestones: the launch of the Replicate & Renew Plant Stem Cell Cream has become a buzz in the beauty industry! Since the launch in January, we have shipped over 70,000 jars to happy customers. Check out the incredible reviews from people just like you – literally hundreds of reviews – with a stellar customer rating.
Due to the popularity of the Replicate & Renew Plant Stem Cell Cream, my team and I have created the perfect companion product to deliver even more astounding results. Look for the NEW Replicate & Renew Plant Stem Cell Double Power Concentrate during the April event. This new highly concentrated serum of Plant Stem Cells – not only delivers more of the effective treatment that you loved in the cream, but as a serum, is able to work deeper, for even better benefits.
I want you to post your favorite “Serious” memory from the last 14 years. NOT a serious memory – but a Serious Skin Care memory. We take our business very seriously, but we also enjoy what we do and have lots of fun.
I want to hear from you on what was your favorite moment – or product – from the last 14 years. I have so many treasured moments, whether it was the embarrassing “spider dance” I did for Colleen Lopez several years ago; or the 24-hour remote broadcast from my house.
Together we have made so many great memories. I think what I will remember most is the experience of being pregnant with my three beautiful daughters and feeling all the love, support and well wishes from all of you – I was appearing so close to my due dates that I had Kathy Wolf’s doctor on-call in Tampa in case I were to deliver early. A girl needs to be prepared – you all see how excited I get during my shows!
Looking forward to seeing you all in April,
P.S. After you comment, see answers to posted questions in my
March Questions, Answered! blog.

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