An Eye-Opening Look At Why We Love Mascara Primers

An Eye-Opening Look At Why We Love Mascara Primers

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Ready to batt bigger, more beautiful lashes this new year? Of course! There’s a multitude of different mascaras aimed to plump, clump, lengthen, or color our lashes but sometimes our eyes need a little extra help. We’re not talking about lash curlers or false lashes–the secret to expert lashes every time is all about the primer.




Just like how we faithfully use a facial primer before applying our foundations, lash primers help prep our eyes for mascara. The purpose of lash primer is to define and separate our lashes, while creating a tacky surface that our mascara can easily adhere to–but that’s not all. After long days and nights of wearing mascara our eyes can look a little worn out and in need of TLC. Many lash primers contain nourishing ingredients and vitamins like Macadamia oil and Vitamin E that help to condition our lashes and improve growth.


How To Apply:

Most lash primers come in the traditional tube and wand format of mascaras. Simply unscrew the top, gently swirl the wand inside the tube and apply even coats of primer starting from the base of the lashes working out to the ends. For ease of application bend your wand at the lash tip to a right angle as you bring it out of the tube. This gives our wrist a more natural angle for application and it makes it easier to thoroughly coat the inner and outer corner of our lashes.


An Eye-Opening Look At Why We Love Mascara Primers


When our natural lashes are healthy and full we don’t have to layer up on coats of mascara to achieve the same dramatic results. Certain lash primers like the fabulous Benefit “They’re Real!” Tinted Eyelash Primer are designed with a subtle and flattering tint so they can even be worn alone for a natural look. It also helps our mascara stay fresh and in place for all day wear.


Benefit "They're Real!" Tinted Eyelash Primer


What’s one of your tricks for beautiful, long lashes?

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