An Eventful Fall

Hi to all of my HSN bloggers and happy October! Now that summer is over, my thoughts immediately go back to work, and back-to-school. I say no matter what the day has in store for me, I live by my mottos: dress to impress and accessorizing is key. I’ll be visiting HSN mid-month bringing a rich color palette to our fall wardrobes.
Turkey Pin will also be featured on the upcoming October Designer Show
If your daily costume is strictly “mom” attire don’t be uninspired, be a “mom with the most”! I never leave the house  – even for one of Shane’s flag football games  – without one of my eye-catching brooches affixed to a hat or scarf. I don’t want to give away all of my surprises – but I have to show off this adorable Turkey Pin. Bright multi-colored baguettes and pear shaped stones make up the ruffled feathers of this magnificent bird.  Wear this proud pin to Thanksgiving dinner and you’ll be seated at the head of the table!
Heidi Daus
Be comfortable at a business meeting, but be confident – one need not overdress but perhaps you may want to accessorize that sweater set with a commanding necklace to support your assertive personality. I designed something I call a “pearl wreath” in subtle and earthy greens and golds. It’s like a garland of autumn around the neck! I’ll also be bringing back one of my favorite silhouettes you may remember: “Corsage For The Neck” this new design has beads of every shape and size in a carnelian, aventurine, topaz and amethyst in a glorious floral bouquet of color.
Corsage For The Neck will be featured in the upcoming Designer Show on HSN
On a personal note, Shane and I have done the requisite decorating at my house – flanking the front door with cornstalks and planting an array of potted Chrysanthemums along the walkways to entice our trick-or-treaters. I look forward to hearing crunching leaves under little feet and breathing in crisp air on my walks with the dogs. I plan to enjoy this special, fleeting season while I can. I do hope you curl up by the fire and watch the spectacular fall of

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