An Anti-Aging Beauty Routine Everyone Can Use

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When our energy levels start to drag we can grab a cup of coffee to power us through the day, but when our skin and hair become worn out they need more than a quick fix. Glowing skin and hair can erase years from a woman’s age, and are the finishing touches on an outfit. Show some self love by spending a little extra you-time returning your face to its former blush, and giving your hair nourishment with this refreshed, anti-aging beauty routine.


1. Lift and Firm Skin

As we age, our skin naturally loses some plumpness which can lead to sagging, specifically around the mouth, jaw, and throat. Collagen is part of what gives skin its ability to bounce back and when we’re younger our skin produces a lot more collagen to give it elasticity. Dr. Sevinor Skin Care Solutions has a line of products designed to restore tired-looking skin with beauty treatments that reproduce the effects of collagen. Add Dr. Sevinor Face Lift Solution as a lifting serum and pair it with his Smoothing Solution to revive sagging skin. It’s appropriate for all skin types and contains an antioxidant rich blend of ingredients.


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2. Fill Lines and Wrinkles

Tired eyes are one of the first noticeable signs of aging seen by men and women in their 20’s. Late nights, squinting in the sun, and even smiling will naturally create wrinkles around our eyes. Any area that sees a repeated creasing will eventually produce permanent lines. Add an eye cream and firming lotion to your beauty routine to prevent and treat any little crow’s feet you find. M. Asam has a great crystal firming duo set called Vinolift that targets the eye area, and an overall skin tightener to help redefine your face’s structure.


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3. Repair Hair’s Texture, Strength, and Body

It seems counterintuitive but washing your hair too much can actually damage it by stripping away necessary oils and causing breakage. A new gentler way to clean hair that is fine, color-treated, dry, or prone to tangling is with a lather-free cleanser. Tweak’d has unique treatments that combine a shampoo, conditioner, protein treatment, detangler, and shine enhancer all in one product that goes on when hair is dry and is then rinsed off with water. Shower time just got a lot faster with their Tweak-d Rise and Shine Self Cleansing Hair Treatment and it will give limp hair youthful bounce while calming down rough frizz.


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4. Use Smart Tools and Faux Styling

While you’re trying to revive your hair with nourishing products you also need to consider taking some heat-free holidays on styling tools. This can mean cutting down from 3 to 1 heated styling products a day. Jose Eber makes a great alternative to high-heat styling tools with his new Beaute Cheveux Self-Grip Thermal Rollers where you can control the heat applied. If you have baby-fine hair and still need more volume your answer is extensions. Lox Studio creates a variety of hair extensions in multiple lengths and shades that will blend in for a natural look. Try Lox’s new 12″ Volume Clip-In Hair Extensions the next time you’re getting ready to go out. How else do movie stars go from sheek short hair to mermaid-length locks between red carpets?


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Asides from adjusting your beauty routine with products, you can also prevent tired looking sign and hair by getting a good night’s sleep, exercising regularly to improve nourishing blood flow, and staying hydrated with water and electrolytes.


What’s one of your secret techniques to preserve your skin and hair’s youthful look?

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