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Hello everyone!
First, let me tell you how thrilled I am to that I can share with you what is happening with Highgate Manor and my world. I just celebrated nine years of Highgate Manor, and I can assure you that the time flew by, but it has been a marvelous adventure of decorating with you and getting to know you! One thing I enjoy is hearing from all of you, through customer reviews on my products or even Facebook. And now we have one more method of communication, leave you questions and comments because I’d love to hear from you!
Let’s talk about  what’s going on with home decor.  We are living is a fun time, the old rules of decorating have gone a bit by the wayside.  Anything goes! If you like it, do it. The influence of exotic accents, such as leopard, zebra or lush embellishments, lace crystals and feathers all work together to create a reflection of who you are! If you like cleaner lines without much fuss, you can still have richness with texture and tones… fortunately all of this can be achieved affordably with Highgate Manor.
We have some exceptional values in our products, for example check out the Kenya 20 piece comforter set. If you love a sophisticated leopard design element, this boasts an embroidered comforter, leopard sheets in 100% cotton, decorative pillows with embroidery and beading. It is simply smashing! Wait until you see how affordable it is.  I love putting together the entire look for you.
We also have some fun accents to give a fresh twist to your existing favorites. Currently we offer crystal sparkle “Posh” Turkish cotton towels. They feel and look great, and voila’, a new look for the bathroom. Add some coordinating  lushly scented soaps in a new soap dish too. I like to shop  for unlikely items such  as an oversized seashell that can hold the soap, or a pretty little dish you may have picked up on your travels. Now you have a whole new look with a small investment.
One product that we have relied on over the years at Highgate Manor is the lace sheet set. Very popular season after season. We have done many different varieties of scalloped embroidered edges and extravagant dripping lace trims.  They achieve a phenomenal effect of taking even a simple coverlet or quilt to ultimate luxury.  We have married our well-known luxury cotton sheets sets to this decorative detail and the result is sleeping like “royalty”!
Sometimes my travels have influenced an idea  for our bedding, having been to Versailles palace in Paris. Seeing the gorgeous colors of the rich woven jacquards , we can then interpret  those looks into machine washable sets that are fabulous for modern day living. The laces on our sheets are the looks from my trips to Northern Ireland, where small shops have artisans  known for lace making and tatting. We can recreate the look and feel in easy-care products.
Throughout the year, I will do my best to find interesting ways for you to decorate, add new touches and make gift-giving easier. Since my dog “Buddy” is a big part of my life, you will see very chic pet beds here and there that go back to certain collections. Let’s not forget our furry friends when decorating.
A final thought is to never fear trying something new from Highgate Manor, we have nine years of experience under our belts. We have learned a lot along the way, and always try to make things better for you. The May Today’s Special “Enchantment” comforter set was a perfect example of a success story of a beautiful embroidered peacock feather motif that was LOVED by many.
Thank you to all of you who shopped with us that day and those of you who called in with testimonials.  Be well, let’s get our homes ready for summer entertaining, or just making it nicer for us! Keep a look out for what’s new at Highgate Manor.
All the best,
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