Adrienne’s Do-It-Yourself Skin Care Tips and Tricks

20 Skincare and Makeup Tips You Should Know


1. Reduce Puffy Eyes

Keep chamomile tea bags soaked in water in the fridge. When needed, apply to eyes for 10 minutes. Natural astringent in the tea helps reduce swelling.


2. Revive a tired body

Create an herbal waterfall in your bathtub. Mix a handful of your favorites like chamomile or rosemary with a few drops of fragrant oil. Enclose in a piece of cheesecloth and tie to the faucet in your bathtub. Turn water on, lay back and relax.


3. Create a Foot Masque

It is open-toed shoe and sandal season. Heat petroleum jelly in a double boiler until warm and melted. Massage on your feet and cover with thin, inexpensive white cotton socks. Sleep with on until morning.


4. Reduce Wrinkles Early

If your parent started wrinkling early you may be in for a similar fate. Be especially diligent with your treatment creams and oils. A little bit of skin care can pay off big and heredity is a major factor in how your skin ages.


5. Travel Skin Dehydration

To keep your skin from drying on plane trips, take a small, travel-sized, empty plant mister and fill it with water. Spray your face whenever you can. Lock in the hydration by applying moisturizer afterwards.


6. Extreme Exfoliation

Dead skin cells accumulate on elbows, knees and feet. Use a natural loofah with any household body scrub, or add sea salt to any body cream, to create an incredible combo.


7. In Hot Water

When you wash your face and body, do not use overly hot water. It strips much-needed oil from your skin.


8. Ray Blocker

Always wear a hat in the sun. Not only do you want to protect your face from damage, but the sun can fade the top layer of hair, leaving the lower tresses a totally different shade.


9. Unsightly, Out of Sight

If you have broken blood vessels or dilated capillaries a lavender tinted makeup under base will help mask them even if you wear a sheer foundation.


10. Stretch Your Foundation

If there is a small amount of makeup left in the jar, add talc or corn flour and water to make it last just a little bit longer.


11. Perfect Powder Placement

For flawless cheek color placement, break into a big smile. Feel the fleshy apple part of your cheeks. That’s where you apply blush, sweeping out to your ear. Blend so it grows fainter towards the edge of your face.


12. Matte in a Moment

To create a polished, matte finish, apply loose or pressed powder with a puff or cotton square and press it onto your skin for greater coverage and more staying power.


13. No-Snap in a Snap

Put your lip liner pencil in the freezer for 15 minutes before sharpening. Viola! The point won’t break.


14. Lip Line Know-How

Start in the center of the top lip and draw a line out to one corner in a nonstop motion. Repeat to the other side. For bottom lip, start in either corner and draw a nonstop line to the other.


15. Fuller-Looking Lips

Liven up the look of thin lips by applying lip liner a few shades darker than your lipstick directly above your natural lips. Blend so there is no line of demarcation.


16. Seeing Straight

Applying eyeliner straight can be tricky, but not anymore. Dot your pencil on the upper lid as close to the lash line as possible. Then smudge them all together with a Q-tip.


17. Cheek Color Face Corrections

  • Add fullness to a narrow face by shading upward from apple to ear bone in a straight horizontal line.
  • Trim a full-cheeked face by starting at the apple of your cheek and drawing a diagonal line up to your brow bone.


18. A Wink of Rouge

Don’t place blush too close to your eyes, you’ll only draw attention to under eye circles, bags and crow’s feet. Always sweep color out, not up, toward your ears.


19. Blush Be Gone

If your cheek color pales after an hour, apply a very thin coat of petroleum jelly first then dust blush over it. The jelly gives rouge something to stick to.


20. Instant Cheek Lift

Look in the mirror, suck in your cheeks and make a fish face. Using an angled brush, apply bronzer in the hollow to create the look of high cheekbones.


What tips or advice would you add?

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