Adrienne Comes Back To HSN

Hi Girlfriends,
July is always a special time for me because both HSN and I have birthdays this month and  I get to celebrate my birthday with my girlfriends  and  bring you special values and collections in our birthday  shows beginning on Thursday July 25th at 9AM.
Our shows will include among other special offers, our super- size, double up Vitamin C Kits, your favorite Precious Moroccan Argan Oil and Baobab collections and birthday pricing on many of our most popular  items.
On Friday July 26th at  12:01AM  we will be launching a Today’s Special that has  doubles of our full retail size 5 Essentials Crème for Face and Eyes plus 3 brand new products ( one is a complete carry along makeup  collection). I can’t say too much more about the offer  ( it’s supposed to be kept under wraps until it airs)  but I know all my girlfriends will want to get in on this as soon as it airs, so I just had to give you a “heads up”.
You are all very special to me so please remember the summer sun can be treacherous for your skin so wear your SPF every day and reapply when you are out of doors for a length time. I wear my Vitamin C Ounce of Gold with Double Hyaluronic Filling Spheres SPF 30 every day, all year ‘round, even when I am in my car. The sun coming through the window on the driver’s side can do damage on that side of your face.  So please regardless of which Signature Club A line you use be sure and use your SPF day cream with UVA and UVB protection ; Precious Moroccan Argan Oil Day Cream SPF 25 or Day Specific Advanced Formula 5 Essentials SPF 25,or Tears of Beauty Day Cream SPF 20 or Vitamin C  Ounce Of Gold SPF 30. You must take  extra special care of your skin during these summer months , especially when you are out in the hot summer sun, and wearing a hat will help prevent some of those damaging rays from hitting your skin .
Please keep me posted on the items you like and want to see more of and don’t forget to tune in on July 25th, 26th and 27th to join me and HSN to celebrate our birthdays.
Have a fun and safe summer. I love hearing from you so please keep in touch on Facebook  and  on my blog.
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