A White-Hot Fashionable Summer

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With our calendars quickly approaching June, we’re opening our closet doors and our perspectives a little bit wider to invite a classic summer color to our fashion: White! When white clothing starts appearing on the streets we know spring is on its last leg and things are about to heat up. There’s lots of way to wear white that are far from seeming bridal or super sterile. Try these outfit ideas to light up your summer look!


1. White Pants

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If you want to give your outfit an instant upgrade simple swap out your traditional blue jeans for white. It will give your whole look an effortlessly polished and pristine air. Try different styles of bottoms in white too, like the icy DG2 SuperStretch Distressed Skinny Jeans for a stylish and edgy look, or a whitewashed wide leg trouser for a breezy, boho style. Black may be slimming, but white can also make your legs look lovely and long.


2. A Bright Blazer

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Blazers and moto jackets already cut a wonderful clean line but when dyed in white they are blinding in their brilliance. This white moto jacket by Diane Gilman gives the wearer a super fashionable structured look. This jacket can be versatile for whether you’d like to dress it up with a pencil skirt or style it casually with a pair of jeans.


3. Light Layers

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Since white gives the impression of being light and airy we can play up this characteristic even further by using layers. Grab a pretty wrap or throw like this Cropped Tie-Front Jacket and experiment with pairing it over some of your favorite outfits like maxis, tanks, or jumpsuits. You can let this jacket lay open or knotted off to bring attention to the layers you’ve created. Adding another layer of white within the outfit will accentuate this depth even more.


4. Paired With Prints


White is the most neutral palette which makes it an ideal figure for prints. Summer is the optimal time to take risks in our fashion and wear bolder and brighter styles so pairing these two together is perfect. If you’ve had the urge to try a new, colorful pattern then this floral printed tunic and crop pant set in white by Slinky® Brand will be perfect for you. The white bottoms give this print an anchor and keeps its tropical foliage design from feeling too wild and overgrown.


5. White On White

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Going monochromatic with all white can look gorgeous and the secret to pulling it off is to make sure the separate articles of clothing each stands out. This can be achieved by selecting different cuts, fabric types, and lengths to differentiate the pieces. For example, notice how the long and slim body of these DG2 SuperStretch City Shorts is contrasted with a loose, billowy top so each makes its own statement. Adding smart accessories such as a colorful shoe like this “Victory” Slide Sandal by Italian Shoemakers also helps by giving the outfit new dimensions and sparkle so it doesn’t appear washed out.

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What color always says “summer” to you?

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