A Today’s Special That Celebrates Spring & Florals

A stroll in an English rose garden ranks among the best of life’s experiences. It has the power to enchant, even in the pouring rain. The dreamy perfume and sheer beauty of the blooms serve as inspiration for many. One of my visits through an authentic, historic English rose garden inspired me to delve into the history of the rose and learn about the first rose gardens in the world.
I discovered that roses have been a symbol for love, beauty and romance, and even politics. Eros, the Greek God of Love, is credited with giving the world its first rose. His name is an anagram of “rose.” During the 17th century, roses were in such high demand that royalty considered roses and rose water as legal tender. The English Rose was created when King Henry Tudor took the red rose as the symbol for the House of Lancaster and married Elizabeth of York. Her House took the white rose. King Henry created a new emblem for the country, known as “The Modern Day English Rose” with a red rose and white center in honor of their union.
In honor of spring and florals, we created a handbag with an embroidered English rose garden scene. It comes with a removable tassel logo key chain and is made of 100 percent, genuine Italian Nappa leather. We drum dyed the leather, so the color is saturated from top to bottom, through and through, preventing dye transfer onto clothing and a much bolder hue. A special embroidering machine was used to create the raised texture and dimension. In order to create the convex shape, we used more stitching and thread per square inch than what’s typically used in most embroidery patterns.

Bold use of color and texture on the Nappa leather, and the flattened out, unique embroidery on the ends convey vivid dimension. The stitching is denser, and the tighter threading creates a stunning, raised 3-D effect in the middle. So stunning, in fact, we carried the theme across to a suede blazer, a stretch tunic, a leather ballet flat, a clutch wallet and a cross-body bag.
Exclusive to HSN, the Today’s Special shoulder straps are a 10.25 inch drop length – long enough to fit on any size shoulder and comfortably over a coat. Top-zipper closure for security is curved to extend three inches on each side. The opening is extra wide and easy to see into. There’s a two inch zipper pull-tab for ease of use and three exterior pockets – one with a zipper and four interior pockets for lots of organization and functionality. Four metal bottom feet will keep it clean. Designer interior print, microfiber lining is easy to clean and comes with a care tote bag. Enjoy the beauty of this English Rose Garden Embroidered Leather Dome Satchel and take with it the inspiration of spring!

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