A Spring To Your Step; A Pop of Color To Your Look

Happy April Sewing Friends!
Time for  a fresh start… a new beginning as the skies clear and we shift our focus to springtime. If you’ve watched any of the Spring/Summer fashion previews you know that color  and print blocking is a big part of the scene. Here’s an easy and inexpensive  way to show your ” Sock it to me, Baby! ” attitude by adding a POP of color on an otherwise plain lapel. This quick and easy craft project can also adorn a purse,  your favorite hat or an everyday tote.  Check out this alternative use for the circular stitching attachment!

  • 1/2 yd. silk burn-out
  • 1/2 yd. iron-on tear away stabilizer
  • beverage glass with a 3″ opening, a steam iron,
  • Two 8″ x 8″ squares of felt fused together with wonder-under


  1. Cut a 2″ strip crosswise on the silk strip
  2. Iron the  shiny side of the stabilizer to the backside of the silk
  3. Using your glass or monkey dish, trace circles  ( at least 55–3″ diameter ) onto the paper and carefully cut out the circles along the lines
  4. Press the circles in half/press the half circle in half/then press the quarter circle in half again
  5. Insert the circular stitching pin into the center of the  fused felt piece and move the screw  to the largest setting
  6. Place the tip of a silk triangle in front of the stitching path. Once anchored, continue to place and stitch around the circle
  7. Lift the presser foot and readjust the screw to 1/2″ 3/4” from where it was and repeat this process until you sew around the smallest circle
  8. Set your serger to 3-thread rolled hem and clean finish the 3″ strip on both long sides
  9. Gather the serged strip down the center and wrap the gathered edge  around a pencil and stitch together  through all the layers
  10. Now sew your serged flower into the center of your circular flower
  11. Trim the felt  square to within 1/2” from the outer circle.  Accessorize at your discretion!

I hope you’ve been enjoying your sewing journey. It’s  fun to find new alternative uses for presser feet .
TIP* If you don’t have a circular stitching attachment , you can still make this flower but you’ll have to peek under the petals to keep on the circle markings.
TIP**If you don’t have a serger, you can make a tiny rolled hem on your sewing machine for the silk strip gathered in the flower’s center.
TIP*** If you don’t have Wonder under to hold the felt square together, you can use temporary adhesive.
THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO COOK A POTATO—–and in sewing, there are many ways to execute a technique:) Be Brave, Be Bold and Have Fun!!~~
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April  14 & 16—–Laundry Room Solutions ———Times TBD——
See you next month!   Thanks for stopping by~~~

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