A Note to the Signature Club A Girlfriends

Hi Girlfriends,
Now that the hectic holiday season has come and gone and we are coping with the gray days of winter, we have put together some very special offerings in my February shows that I know will cheer you up and help your skin combat the ravages of winter.
We are featuring a Today’s Special that is a “once a year” super value that so many of you, have told me you would love to see. I can’t tell you the specifics in advance of the date (February 11th ) but I can tell you that it is a 24 hour comprehensive skin care regimen featuring full retail sizes of our best selling “encapsulated” beauty treatment products that will help your skin fight the  damages of winter weather . I hope you will tune in when it first airs because this is a Today’s Special that will not last through the day and I want all my girlfriends to be able to get one.
For my Vitamin C and Precious Moroccan Argan Oil customers we are offering collections chock full of our best sellers, at very affordable prices, all designed to keep your skin looking smooth, hydrated and youthful looking; so it is a good time to stock up on your favorites.
During January I will be travelling to Europe where I will be visiting the finest European cosmetic laboratories, spas, and salons so that I can bring you, my girlfriends,  the latest in cosmetic scientific developments. I am looking forward to all the innovative ingredients and collections we will be launching in 2013 and I know you will be excited to see them.
Please continue to write about the products and collections you like and want to see more of. I love hearing from you and learning about your experiences with
Signature Club A.
Wishing all my Signature Club A girlfriends a very Happy Valentine’s Day .

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