A Makeup Lesson For Gals With Glasses

A Makeup Lesson For Gals With Glasses

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With so many colorful and fun eyeglasses available today wearing them is hardly the fashion struggle that it used to be. Depending on our prescription and the style of our eye accessories, though, the way we apply our makeup does deserve an up-close examination. Sharpen up your look and read our tips for how to match your makeup with glasses to brighten your face and make your eyes stand out.


1. Mascara Is A Must

Every Last Lash Amplifying Mascara

Even on our laziest beauty days mascara is the one piece of eye makeup we should always wear with glasses. It makes the eyes look bigger and is the finishing touch that pulls together all other eye makeup. Using black mascara no matter the shade of your frames will deliver the most impact for making the eyes standout. Apply 2-3 swipes of this Every Last Lash Amplifying Mascara by Ready To Wear for volume and definition.


2. Eyeshadows To Avoid

Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette

Colors that are cooling like greys, dark blues, greens and purples can be trickier to pull off behind frames. These color tones behind glasses make eyes appear sunken like we just did a few rounds in the ring and now are sporting dual shiners. Choose eyeshadows shades of browns, copper, orange tones, and red tones that will make the eyes stand out. Also highlight the inner corner and browbone with your lightest shade for extra brightening. This Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette by Too Faced comes in a good range of these warming tones, along with a few cool options to give you diversity for glasses and contact-wearing days.


3. Eyeliner That Is On Point

Eye Brightener

Frames mimic the effect of eyeliner so a good rule of thumb is to match the thickness of the line you draw to the thickness of your frames. When lining your top lid do stop before you reach the inner corner of the eye though. Also forego any application of a dark liner on the bottom lid. This will ensure the eyes have definition but don’t appear smaller and drawn in. If you want to try a fun trick you can line your bottom lashes with a highlighting liner like this Eye Brightener in Shell by Trish McEvoy for an extra wide-awake look.


4. Remember Your Brows

Eyebrow Pencil Duo

Even if our frames partially cover our brows, we should still fill them in and set them in place. The extra focus put on the eyes from wearing glasses applies to our brows too, and if our brows look shapely and full they will blend with our glasses better. Try this Eyebrow Pencil Duo by ybf Beauty to shade-in brows lightly then run the brush side through to even out the application and tame any stray hairs.


How do you adjust your makeup for wearing glasses?

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