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Marla Wynne Fit For Every Size


I believe in the equality of all mankind but have bad news for us girls –all women are NOT created equal.  Ovaries aside, the packaging is rarely the same. Although we all sort of start out cute, cuddly, and soft, genetics, motherhood and time are shape shifters. Okay, so we all have the same appendages and requisite anatomy, but let’s face it we don’t all get long legs, and forever-pert breasts.


1.PNGMy approach to design and fit came from my own morphing shape as I passed through motherhood and into mid-life. While size 10 was becoming a distant memory there was no way I was going to let my passion for dramatic style slink away with my waistline.  


If I was going to be a designer, I wanted to do more than make clothes.  I wanted to find solutions that graced the parts of my body that were challenging my confidence.   I have always been a drama queen and that has as much to do with my sense of style (as it does my mood swings). None of us seem to fully embrace our individual beauty, easily finding real or imagined faults.


fasdf.PNGThere are of course the precious few who manage to work out daily, appear to be food intolerant, have a plastic surgeon on speed dial and have made sacrifices I’m not willing to endure.  I often joke that my closest relationship is with gravity.


My collections are all about easy elegance and comfortable everyday couture developed with a strong sense of proportion.  An easy fit does not have to be sloppy when the pieces are balanced.  Loose Fitting pieces head to toe can look like a pile of clothes in motion and you need a search party to find out whose in there.  I like to go with the flow but am not going there in a muu muu. 


It is literally about fractions of an inch strategically placed that can make BIG differences in areas like the upper arm, mid section and upper thighs.  Within each collection I focus on pieces that will “balance” one another— A flowing pant with an A line top, leggings with a poncho, sleeves with a bit extra room in the muscle that slim elegantly to the wrist.  Tops that are fitted across the chest but with a sweep to the hem paired with a skinny pant on the bottom to elongate the silhouette and always topped up with that third indispensible dramatic piece that makes a statement without teetering on 6” heels while pulling at top that’s a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen or pants so tight you have to give up food and oxygen to wear them comfortably.


You shouldn’t have to sell a vital organ to afford impeccably made clothes that follow your curves.  They simply have to fit in all the right places leaving room for your individual style, personality and a sexy confidence and femininity to shine through. Everything I create is intended to fit and flatter everyBODY.


What do you look for when shopping for the perfect fitting clothes?

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