A Collection Fit for A Queen

Hello girlfriends and happy May, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day!
What a jubilant month this is for all of us. Here’s how May relates to my jewelry and what’s percolating in my studio and at HSN. I’d like to share with you how I became involved in an upcoming feature film to be released at the end of this month. I’ll start from the beginning.
Imagine my phone suddenly rings and I’m sitting with my manicurist having my nails done. I couldn’t possibly pick up the call without smudging my polish so I chose to ignore the interruption. However, looking down at the display screen, I noticed a 727 area code and recognized that the call was coming from Florida. My mind immediately connected this to HSN and my work. So girls, I had to ask my friend at the salon to pick up the call for me and hold my phone to my ear! The voice on the other end was my buyer, Mandi, at HSN. She called to break the news that I was chosen to create a collection inspired by the classic fairy tale, Snow White, in conjunction with a huge promotion for the upcoming blockbuster movie Snow White & the Huntsman!
My thoughts were racing, as I so love the lessons and dripping suspense in this story. I also realized there is a very dark side to this tale, but was instructed to concentrate on the more uplifting elements within. Well girls, the minute my nails were dry, I ran over to Gail’s house and we began to throw out ideas. All I can say is  that if you’re a huge fan of this fairy tale, GET READY! First of all, aside from the regal designs, there are brilliant names for the pieces like “Rare Beauty,” “Hue’s The Fairest of Them All” and “She Is Destined” to name a few. We infused romance and intrigue in these pieces, i.e., the Maidenhair Fern, The Poisoned Apple, the Enchanted Forest and other iconic symbols steeped in earthly delights.

Luckily for me, I was given 100 percent creative license on this project.  I made sure I re-read the fairy tale to explore what feelings it awakened in me: Themes such as innocence, coming of age, womanhood and naturally, the vanity in all of us and importance of feeling beautiful and desirable. I have always believed that beauty comes from within and that external beauty means little without internal strength. Unlike the original fairy tale, this movie introduces a Snow White full of confidence. This girl is no shrinking violet and I can truly imagine her wearing my jewels! I cannot sign off without sincerely crediting all of you girls with strength and inner beauty, which inspires me to create for you. So this collection, though fashioned for Snow White, was truly created for you – MY Snow Whites, my bold and beautiful “Heidi Girls”.
Much love,
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