A Beautiful & Fresh Year, All the Wei Through

Dear Friends,
Happy New Year!
When I was a little girl in China I loved to celebrate the New Year, simply because I knew that on New Year’s Day I would have a brand-new outfit hand-made by my mother for that year. On New Year’s Day, I would put on my new outfit and go running around the neighborhood to show off my new dress. It always made me feel beautiful and fresh.
Today, my children and I no longer have only one new outfit a year. However, making something special for New Year’s Day is still something I try to do for my family and friends to keep that beautiful and fresh spirit alive.
So, to kick 2012 off to a good start, I am returning to HSN on January 22nd and 23rd! I can’t wait to share my brand-new collections, brand-new herbal innovations and brand-new products. I’m especially excited for the launch of my new Nutri-Guard 20 Herb Face Cream, to help keep you looking beautiful and feeling fresh all year long.

It’s a great ‘wei’ for all of us to start the year off right, and finish it bright. My warmest wishes for you and your loved ones!

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