9 Spring Decorating Ideas for The Home

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Spring is a time of renewal outdoors and indoors. Refresh your home with these spring decorating ideas that are inexpensive and don’t require repainting any rooms! Spring home decor is all about tying into the essentials that will make your rooms feel light and full of fresh air. Let the budding flowers, green grass, and sunnier skies inspire your interior design for the season.


1. Throw Blankets

In winter we keep plush throws and rugs around the house to keep warm. Now, replace these with less dense fabrics that are colorful and add texture. Lightly woven fabrics in soft-hued shades will remind you of spring gardens. Try the Dobby Cotton Blanket by Concierage Collection.


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2. Centerpieces

Switch out the focus of your table from winter candles to a blooming glass centerpiece of lemons, limes, or fresh flowers. Using live flowers is the true touch of spring, and see through surfaces like glass emphasizes the airy outdoors. Try the Triple Clear Amphora on Iron Stand with Finials Vases by Danya B.


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3. Bright Bedding

The nights may still be chill but you won’t need your heavy down comforter anymore. Shed this bed layer and welcome some warmth and sunshine with a bright duvet cover. White is beautiful for spring and easy to dress up with other colors. Try the Swindon Chenille Bedspread Set by Concierage Collection.


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4. Patterned Pillows

Spring is a busy time with the outdoors renewing itself. Mimic the patterns of it indoors with miniature paisley, oversized floral, and textured fabrics. Throw pillows, blankets, and table runners can take on these seasonal patterns. Try these Meadow Decorative Pillows by Harbor House.


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5. Lights

The world is lightening up in spring so bring bright light to dark corners with standing lamps. They are slim and streamlined which will make your living room feel less cluttered and confined after the long winter. Try the Kenroy Home Ashlen Mother and Son Torchiere.


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6. Mirrors

Place a mirror in your living room and it will it will bring the spring sunshine indoors by reflecting light. Go with a big mirror for this purpose and choose a frameless design for a weightless look. Try the Audrey Mirror by Ballard Designs.


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7. Furniture

Rearranging furniture can reawaken a room as much as a new coat of paint. Shake up your perspective and uncover wall space to inspire your design creativity. You might decide to add a new piece of furniture too to give the room more color. Try the Odell Tufted Ottoman by Safavieh.


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8. Update Photographs

Refresh your picture frames for an easy and inexpensive home refresh. Metallic frames for spring will catch the light and shine with simple beauty. Update the photos in the frames also with more recent pieces too for a surprisingly effective change. Try the Set of 3 Foliage Photo Frames by Vern Yip Home.


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9. Window Treatments

Remove the heavy drapes that kept out chilly drafts and expand your view with light, sheer window treatments. Set the support beam a few inches above the actual window pane and it will make the window seem larger and bringing the outdoors closer.  Try the Spring Garden 5-piece Window Set by Highgate Manor.


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