7 Ways To Stretch The Time Between Dye Jobs

7 Ways To Stretch The Time Between Dye Jobs

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It feels like we just left our stylist’s chair and yet low and behold, the roots have arrived. When our hair’s roots start to push through from our last color treatment it’s always a rude awakening and one that we normally realize at the most inopportune moment. Blame it on fast hair growth, blame it on our genes, or maybe we’re accidentally speeding things along? Learn some tricks to cover up roots until your next appointment and how to keep your color for longer!


1. Skip the Suds

After hair is first dyed, the color is always rich and intense but with each successive washing it will dull and begin to fade. To make our hair color last longer it’s best to ease off the suds and become a convert to the ways of dry shampoo. Skipping a day or two between washing your hair is something women with dry or fine hair may already know but if you have color treated hair you definitely want to get on this schedule. Tame greasiness and bedhead with a product like Faux Dry Dry Shampoo by Blowpro on your off days.

Faux Dry Shampoo


2. Shower Smarter

This tip requires just a little chemistry. Our household water can contain trace minerals of iron and lime that, while completely natural, can react badly with the elements in artificial dyes causing dryness and color leaching. Putting a filter on your showerhead can block out these minerals or you can also choose to not stand directly under the spray to minimize the exposure.


3. Pump Up The Volume

If you can’t clearly see your hairline, you can’t see the roots and that’s why volumizer is a great friend 4-6 weeks out from our last dye job. Focus on building volume and texture around the base of your crown to lift hair up. Soft waves will add dimension and volume to hair that can disguise root regrowth really well. Use a product like the 24K Volumizing Mousse by Sally Hershberger.

24k Volumizing Mousse


4. Practice Pool  and Sun Care

Swimming is a fantastic way to get exercise but it’s not known to be gentle on our locks. After a dip in the pool rub a drop or two of baby oil into your palm and spread it over dry hair then rinse with tap water. This will counteract the mineral deposits in the pool water from reacting with your hair color. If you’re swimming outdoors or regularly spend your days in the sun you’ll want SPF protection for your strands too to protect it from UV damage.


5. Deep Condition

When hair is dry it becomes bristly and frizzy as the hair’s follicle is open, trying to draw moisture from the air to rehydrate it. When the hair follicle is weakened like this it becomes more porous, so the next time you shower it will try to absorb more water. As we’ve already learned more water absorbed by our hair means more color down the drain. Prevent hair from becoming dehydrated by applying a deep conditioner weekly, like this Monoi Repairing Hair Mask by Carol’s Daughter.

Monoi Repairing Hair Mask


6. Try A New Do

If you give your hair the ultimate VIP treatment and still want to play out your time between dye jobs you might consider switching up your hair’s cut and style. Long, straight across bangs wonderfully hide root regrowth as they completely mask the hairline. Another style to try is working with an undefined part, or a deep side part if your roots return fastest at the crown. Accessories like this thick Paris Lace Headband can also quickly disguise the need for a dye job.

Paris Lace Headband


7. Use A Touch Up Treatment

If your root regrowth is slow and you just want a boost between salon visits one of the quickest at home treatments to try is this Root Vanish by Kazumi Gray Hair Manicure. With an easy-click applicator, the gel-like formula will glide on roots with spot precision and will last all day. This Root Vanish won’t flake off like many other temporary treatments and gives a more dense and realistic finish than many powders.

Root Vanish


What’s one of your secrets for longer-lasting hair color?

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