7 Necklines You Can Pair with the Perfect Necklace

I get a lot of my Heidi Girls asking me this question: How to pair their favorite necklaces with various tops and dresses in their wardrobes.


My general rule of thumb is that your necklace should mimic the neckline of your top. You want to make sure your necklace sits within your neckline so that it follows your neckline and accentuates and highlights it. Jewelry is always meant to compliment your look and bring it all together. The best part about fashion is being able to experiment with a variety of styles and looks–that’s what accessories are for! Don’t be afraid to break out of the fashion do’s and dont’s to find what look best on you.


To make things easy, I’ve created a list of guidelines to consider when trying to pair your favorite necklaces with various outfits on any given day.


1. The Scoop

Shop Boho Chic necklace from Heidi Daus on HSN

Select a bib style necklace that has a nice curved shape to follow your neckline and compliment it, or double up a colorful strand of beads. Avoid necklaces that have a pendant, you don’t want it to come to a point in the middle of your neckline or flop into your shirt. My Boho Chic necklace looks spectacular doubling it up for a short necklace that sits beautifully above your neckline.


2. The V-neck

Shop Newport Chic necklace from Heidi Daus on HSN

With a V-neck shirt it is important to either aim for a necklace that hits lower than the point of the V, or above the V. So ultimately, there is some flexibility in the necklaces you wear depending on the depth of the neckline. Necklaces with a y drop that sits above the neckline are the most flattering. I love how my Newport Chic sits perfectly within a V neckline for a fresh summery look.


3. The Collar

Shop Tempting Tigress necklace from Heidi Daus on HSN

Dress your collar up with a statement piece to add interest and intrigue to this traditional neckline. Allow your necklace to poke through an unbuttoned collar or rest on top when fully buttoned. My new ivory Tempting Tigress necklace looks elegant under a crisp tailored collar.


4. The Plunge

Shop I Confess drop necklace from Heidi Daus on HSN

Everything goes! Feel free to experiment and get creative with drop necklaces and fun long statement pieces. I love how my I Confess drop necklace looks on a bare décolletage. It’s sexy and sophisticated.


5. The Strapless

Shop Seashore Chic necklace from Heidi Daus on HSN

Most everything works on a strapless! Avoid anything that lands on the neckline. Necklaces should fall above or below the neckline. My Seashore Chic necklace will glow beautifully on your bare shoulders in the summer time and sit above the neckline.


6. The Boat

Shop Art of Arranging necklace from Heidi Daus on HSN

This is my favorite neckline. The boat necklace is the perfect blank canvas for all styles. Try my Art of Arranging necklace, the black and white beaded drop necklace features a stunning simulated pearl station with luxurious jet beads that will look ultra glam running down your top.


7. The Crew-Neck

Shop Garden Folly necklace from Heidi Daus on HSN

Dressing your t-shirt up with a statement necklace is always a good idea. With something like this, your best bet is to find an almost choker—as in, it grazes the base of your neck, but rests on your clavicle. You can use a bib or collar necklace to get a similar effect such as my ultra glam showstopper, the Garden Folly bib. This is usually aligned perfectly with the neckline, so you’ll conceal it entirely with your bling, creating a new pseudo neckline of sorts. Another option that works well is a long, hanging pendant.


Keep this guide handy as a point of reference this summer when selecting which tops and dresses to wear with your jewelry. The most important thing is to find what makes you feel beautiful and what looks best on you.


What necklace is your go-to summer time necklace?

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