7 Must Know Tips on Sewing Stretch Knits

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You’ll have the best results sewing stretch knits if you can use a serger with differential feed, however, you can sew stretch knits successfully on a conventional machine too!


1. To Prevent Runs

Always use a ballpoint needle. Sharp tips can sever fibers and cause runs


2. For Clean Finishing

To stitch pieces together, use your overcasting foot . It will attach and finish the edge in one step!


3. For Built-In Stretch

Use the built-in stretch stitches for seaming. Straight stitches will POP.


Eliminating lumps using an iron when sewing4. Eliminating lumps

When piecing a two way stretch knit, first press a 5/8″ strip of iron-on stretch stabilizer to the wrong side of the seam before stitching


5. Riding the wave?

Release the presser foot pressure if your machine allows and lengthen the stitch. This will keep the fabric from stretching into unsightly waves when sewing.


6. Matching Threads

The fabric and thread will be hanging out for the rest of their lives so they better get along. If it’s a polyester fabric, use polyester thread, if it’s cotton, use cotton.


7. Prewash

Always prewash the fabric if you plan to launder it yourself after the item is made. Stretch knits shrink too


Once you learn the secrets to sewing with stretch fabrics, you’ll be stretching your wardrobe dollars! Won’t it be nice to do some extra shopping with all the moolah you’ll save?


Do you have any other good tips to share for sewing on stretchy materials? Share in the comments below :womanlol:

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